<Pure>6/9H 9/9N; LF Mythic Raiders or Joint Guild Venture

Guild Name: Pure
Realm: US-Dragonmaw, Mug’Thol, Akama
Faction: Alliance
Current Progression: 9/9N 6/9H
Raid Times: Weekdays @ 4:30 pst. Weekends @ 5:00 pst.
Contacts: Synephur BattleTag: Synephur#1505
Discord: discord.gg/Gq5dGkU
Apply Here: forms.gle/ZFDjvvfkWNf8qqV37
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< Pure >, founded in 2009, is a friendly semi-causal guild looking for progression into Mythic BoD. Lead by veteran raiders, Pure wishes to fill its ranks by either recruitment or guild venture in order to thrive and progress through mythic content.

Current Status:
Pure is comprised of 10+ core members with 400+ilvl and extensive raiding experience. Please see Contacts for more information.

What We Need:
Pure is seeking primarily heals and DPS, but all inquiries are welcome as spots are not guaranteed. We also need players who understand that with progression comes both highs and lows. Patience will be a requirement when working through new content. This does not excuse wiping due to lack of effort on the individuals part, you are expected to read/watch fights beforehand to have some framework to build from. Explanations will be given before fights and pointers during, but with this also needs to be comprehension.