Pumped to start archeology again!

Not at all, really. *shrugs. Will be good for a mount and a couple pets at least, heh. Kind of a chill activity on a higher level toon if you got a little shine on :wink: Least it was pre-squish when a lot of it was in zones way lower than my toon. IIRC, it was not account wide at 1st but that could be faulty memory banks

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I may try it this time. I remember starting it and got bored and later I wish I had not stopped.

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The only thing good about it that I can remember is a 2h epic sword. Not even sure if giving it to such a “profession” was a good game design decision, lol.

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Bone raptor was one of the few positives from cataclysm, but it could have been sold in the store for classic/crusade/wrath. Making us wait until cataclysm to get it means it’ll, like everything else, be too little too late.

Yea I am not sure the rewards are that great but I’ve done every profession in WoW except this one.

That 2 hander is only nice if you do it on a toon low enough to make use of it. Otherwise tmog. (I think. not sure. there were a lot of exceptions in mogging at 1st)

The epic gear from archaeology are all ilvl 359, which is equal to normal T11 raid gear. They’re also BoA, so you can send them to your alts.

It will be worth the grind at launch.


Oh I didn’t know that – great to know thanks!

Wasn’t that an entry level 85 2hander, same ilvl as first epic weapons found in raids? I surely remember melee dps farming Archeology hard to get it for raiding.

can u make gold w/ it?

That was actually one of my favorite things about cata lol. I was so excited to finally get my bug mount.

Yeah, the Cataclysm version of Zin’rokh. Almost 1,000 comments about it still on the wowhead page: https://www.wowhead.com/item=64377/zinrokh-destroyer-of-worlds

Did Cataclysm break into your house and rob you blind? You have such hatred for it.

It’ll be fine. Blizz has sold a bunch of Deluxe Editions for it, so the decision has paid off.

I hate that profession so boring.

Yeah, I have zero intention of playing a 2h str class because of that one sword

I’ve never done it. So I look forward to it.

I have not done a single thing with arc in years on any of my toons. It could have had so much more.

10/03/2019 03:02
Last time I ever touched that profession.

I still cannot comprehend that 2019 was “years” ago lmao


Yeah, so does this guy:

Ain’t that a kick in the pants huh :slight_smile: