"Pump Heals"

I have recently come back to playing after a several years. I am trying to find an answer to this term and exactly what it means. What exactly would that mean for the priest class as well. If anyone would be able to explain that to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Generating a lot of healing by all means.

I figured, but I am not hip to all the lingo now. So I had to make sure

Saying something “pumps” or is “a pumper” goes for pretty much everything regarding high throughput numbers.

You could say feral druids pump or your friend jeff who plays a bad spec still pumps with it and it just means they put out high numbers

Going from no Flash Concentration to having Flash Concentration thats big pump heals. Like 6 inch lifts atleast. Wow.

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Thought this was a transmog post

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Something to do with farting idk

it means “nobody in this group plans to interrupt or move out of anything”


I push like 8k HPS on MoTS (spiteclaws), but like 3k overall in PF/SD. WHY? I REALLY DON’T KNOW

HPS is based on how much damage everyones taking. Teams who take less damage = less HPS.

Theres some soaks where you can pop everything and get 8K, more sometimes. Or a dps/tank can interrupt the big threat and you wont need to pump heals.

But majority of the dungeon is if ppl fail boss mechanics usually they’ll just die. So ur healing the aoe damage and the tank, which is not much.

Also in the higher keys tanks I’ve found are healing themselves for 2k easy by the end of the run.

Can you imagine how stressful a dungeon run would be if you had to continuously heal for 4-5k HPS every pull? Oof.

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People sometimes die when I’m pulling 3k HPS. In another dungeon, doing the same thing (pumping Serenity, Buffed Heal, and Sanctify, Buffed Heal, repeat) I pull 8k without breaking a sweat. What the heck

If a player has only 2000 HP left, 8000 HPS isn’t going to help them live if its going to get there 1 second late, right.

I might be able to pump out 10k in healing, but its based on how many players I’m healing also.

Single target, the highest HPS I can get is about 7000 HPS. If you add one more person I have to heal, I won’t be able to do 7000 HPS to them also, I’d have to split the healing, so that drops it down to 3.5k. Burst damage from mobs can be very high and if I’m doing 3.5k HPS to two players and one gets hit on a crit for 10k then hes dead.

This is also why I like crit over any other stat. If I crit on a serenity, boom thats it end of story. Nobody is going to die this pull.

HPS really doesn’t matter like it does in raid. Triage healing/preventing damage are what times keys. It’s fairly rare a player dies to lack of healing, usually a mistake they made.


exactly that. i did a 10 SoA last night and had pulls where i was doing like 1.5k hps and one disaster pull where i was above 8k. 4 deaths total in the dungeon… 2 due to people blanking on spiteful adds, 1 self death due to me being a dummy, and one legit death for the least geared guy in the group.

if you’re doing 1.5k hps and nobody is dying, and you’re using your gcds to dps/interrupt/dispel/whatever, then you’re doing a good job. raw hps is a pointless measure.

Just did a +12 and was averaging 4.7K hps for the duration. Fun.

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This is just bad spelling. Pump heels are a style of shoes.


that’s what’s up

Those are the model they used for the level 50-60 green items. That comment though. SO disappointed they werent pump heels lol

If they added a pair of heels to any place in this game, I’d go get them.

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