Pulling low dps? need help

for some reason my dps is always below 20k which is quite embarrassing to be honest. im doing correct rotations that i got from icy veins and my guildies. can you guys take a look at my gear and help me out perhaps?

Replace your shoulder with an azerite piece, preferably with an ace up your sleeve and a blade flurry trait. Your trinkets are also pretty bad but that’ll come with time.

Conquest cap once and you’ll get a 445 weapon. Put that as your main hand and that 440 as your off hand. You want force multiplier mh and either versatile navigation or deadly navigation oh pending on what your stats are looking like. Weapons are a huge deal in your output.

Also you have 0 corruption items to speak of, which this patch will account for a good chunk of everyone’s overall dps. Gushing wounds, mind flay, twilight devastation, infinite star, any of those can dramatically increase your dps.

I guess I could post on my rogue for you. I have fairly bad trinkets myself, they seem to be bad luck for me this patch, but with my current setup I’m doing around 40k overall in keys, which isn’t the best but I at least have an idea where to focus to improve. Single target I push 45k, and all I’m doing there is changing my last talent to blade rush and my essences to a more single target focus.

This is drewbeary btw,dunno why it’s showing a difference in achievements.

You need 1 keep your wits for M+.
It is necessary.
Dancing steel will help too once you get this azerite power.

I was sim your self but depending on your stats, deeper strat is a dps increase over vigor but there is a certain threshold and azerite traits that makes that viable