Pugilist's Prize not showing up

Currently not able to see the Pugilist’s Prize treasure in Revendreath at multiple locations. I can see the mobs and engage with them but there is no treasure on the ground before or after combat.


was this ever fixed? I also see a ring of mobs at the spawn but no Pugilist’s Prize treasure.

I’m having the same problem. I wondered if maybe it had despawned or been looted by another player? But I literally keep finding rings of pugilists with no prize so it’s starting to stretch credulity at this point.

Blizzard, this is preventing the completion of the Ember Court achievement, so it’s affecting a lot of people here.

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Sorry, posting on the relevant character, not my bank alt (why was that the default when I logged in?)

I am having this issue too. I approach the mobs, they are green. But there is no prize on the ground. I engage the mobs and nothing spawns either. This is really frustrating because I need it for the Ember Court.

Still only seeing a ring of mobs and no chest today. And the calling in Revendreth is up. Can someone confirm if this is bugged or intended?

It could very well just be a display issue where you need to do a full UI reset for it to show again.

Doest work. Did a full reset as suggested in the link you provided but did not work. Still couldn’t see the prize and only see a ring of non-aggressive mobs.

I mean even the “training your force” calling is up in Revendreth, so not sure what else is needed to trigger the chest spawn.

Doesn’t work. This is still broken. Its not a UI issue. Its a game issue.

I have been waiting at one of the spawn points for 3 hours now. Just a ring of non-aggro mobs, but no chest…

What do we have do to get Blizzard’s attention?

Is anyone else experience this bug? Approach the circle of pugilists in Revendreth. But there is no Pugilist Prize bag in the middle of the circle of mobs. When you aggro the mobs they drop average mob loot that you can get anywhere else in the zone.

Note : seriously keep bumping this or pestering them (I had a Gamemaster tell me that there was nothing on the forums about the Pugilist Bag spawn problem…yet here is one of several threads.)

Still having this same issue. Circle of pugilist mobs in Revendreth (I am the revendreth covenant) go near them, there is no bag, and when I engage them, no Prize Bag appears.

I have an update for this Pugilist Prize. The Pugilist Prize DID spawn in one location (northeast in the Mire area of Revendreth) and only because it was marked for the Revendreth daily quest Coins of Brokerage. This is the ONLY time I have seen the mobs and the bag spawn correctly. After I turned the separate Coins of Brokerage quest in, the mobs (again, to reiterate, the mobs are NOT beholden to this quest, they spawn seperate from the quest) the mobs began behaving oddly again, with again, no prize purse spawning.

EDIT: the daily quest (for Revendreth) reset and the bug of no prize bags spawning reappeared. None of the pugilist mobs have a prize bag sitting in the middle of them. At all. This is broke.