Public Service Announcements from the Watch

((I posted this many years back, but it’s still “relevant” so I’m putting it up again.))

How to Enjoy a Fun, and Safe, Night Out in Stormwind

It’s a popular pastime for citizens to enjoy a night on the town in one of the kingdom’s many bars or taverns. Unfortunately, what should be an evening of harmless fun can sometimes take a turn for the worse at these establishments. Patrons have been known to be robbed, injured, cursed, or even killed. How can someone protect him or herself and make it more likely that their revelry remain uninterrupted? The Watch presents these safety tips to help.

  1. Don’t be a problem yourself. Drinking to excess is often the beginning of a long night - in the bad way. It can lead to overaggressiveness, inattentiveness, or unconsciousness. Know your tolerance of alcohol, and don’t exceed what you can handle. A clearer mind will allow you to respond in safer manner to external threats.

  2. Be situationally aware. Keep alert for arguments, suspicious-looking characters, or people who are exceptionally friendly (or unfriendly) whom you don’t know. Avoid those people. Sit with your back to a wall, and further away from the bar itself. Know how to get out of the building quickly, if necessary.

  3. Don’t drink alone. Go with friends - particularly with one sober friend. If one person agrees not to drink that night, he/she can serve as a watchdog, and also a steady shoulder on the way home if necessary. Don’t forget to buy them a drink next time!

  4. Call the Watch. If trouble occurs, whether it involves you directly or not, summon help. Officers are trained to respond to the problems that occur in bars, and will arrive speedily.

  5. Educate yourself before you go. Ask around to learn which taverns have a good reputation, and those that don’t. The Kingdom employs a tavern inspector whose job is to review those establishment and ensure that they are meeting basic health and safety standards. Information on the ratings of every tavern in the kingdom are available to the public upon request.

The Watch hopes these tips help you enjoy yourself and stay safe!

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