PTR: You can't even preview dracthyr

It probably so people test the PTR content and not only Dracthyrs :wink:


Wowhead’s dressing room allows you to look at dracthyr customizations and see how things like shoulder and waist items look on them

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Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Dracthyr to be testable on PTR anyway. They want people to buy Dragonflight to play as them.

At best, they might open up Dracthyr on PTR closer to launch of the Pre-Patch. They may or may not open up Dracthyr before Pre-Patch hits live servers, though, but they will eventually be on PTR whether it’s before, during, or after Pre-Patch.

IIRC, they may have excluded Allied Race Death Knights from Shadowlands PTR until the expansion’s full release.

In the mean time, you can opt-in to the Dragonflight Beta for a chance to get in if you haven’t already done so and check out Dracthyr customization options in Wowhead’s Beta Dressing Room.

Is there some internet site people have that delivers an RNG topic for all to spam on a given day? I swear it seems collective posting of the same topics always happens…


Guys why isn’t ptr the completed version of the game? I logged on expecting early access to test out the new features and it’s not even finished. Like what are they even doing? Implementing features in an iterative fashion so they can focus on different parts of the game at a given time lol?


I’ll wait. Don’t want to ruin the experience

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Part of the issue is the blue post for the 10.0 PTR flat out says

To see full details on what’s in the current build, please visit the Dragonflight Beta Development Notes thread.

Which low and behold the latest build has stuff for evoker.

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OK let’s talk licenses for a sec: The PTR is a PTR license, the Beta is a beta license. They are for different things. Because PTR is non-restricted players that have not bought dragonflight could potentially have access, which negates the entire point of selling dragonflight. So they don’t include next expansion content including license restricted things like Dracthyr on the PTR.

The PTR release notes are here:

Yeah the the part I quoted is from that, it’s literally the second sentence.

And then underneath that it lists exactly what is available on the PTR.

You realize I’m not saying Dracthyr were supposed to be the right? I’m saying that it is possible that someone reading that post could be confused by the wording.

No. The standpoint that the announcement may confuse others was not present in the original post that I quoted. I can only infer that you expected Dracthyr from your wording.

I’d rather that they get existing class trees working vs a new race right now… It is almost the middle of September and things are still a mess with DF.

I’ve never reported so many bugs as I have on this PTR.


Just keeps solidifying my decision to never prepurchase another Blizzard product.

Heh, remember when Blizzard actually paid people to test stuff? Good times.

I haven’t seen all that many but on every character you get a huge golden circle with nothing in it when opening bags

I don’t like how the lower bars at bottom of screen show all 3 lvls at once.

There’s…the dressing room on WoWhead…