PTR up boys!

YOOOOO I logged in right before I had to leave but paladins, it looks like we got exorcist baseline AND SoM baseline! new runes look like wep specializations, had to dip though.

everybody go check it out and report back what cool class changes you got

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Some major and minor nerfs (not unexpected)

EDIT: Shammy Rage is BASELINE
Ghost wolf inside is what replaced it, so that’s actually kinda nice
Rockbiter still pointless, though there was a minor buff to Enhance tanking AP built into Shield Mastery

The last round of runes is realllllly underwhelming. Effective to be sure… but about as flashy as a bowl of black pudding.

instant ghost wolf?

No, still 1 second cast (Talented)

BUT: Inside (and reduces damage by 10% while active)
Could be pretty huge for raid TBH

Also: Feral Spirits. (And I’m kinda sorry to say- Elemental may be even more busted in PvP- though there IS fewer FS targets by 1.)

oh god why

do they also heal you?

we have wings now, causes forbearance of course, wonder if purgeable though?

just saw MSW healing got cooked completely, but uh

  • Storm, Earth, and Fire: Chain Lightning cooldown is reduced by 100%, Earthbind Totem immediately immobilizes all enemies when cast, and Flame Shock deals 60% increased periodic damage.



I’m logging in to see those Ele changes. =)

LMAO… spirit wolves do heal you… dont forget the stun. /smh

The damage seems lower though.