PTR Patch Notes - WoW Classic Version 1.13.5

How about banning AFKers and Non-participants in BGS? It’s not right Alliance have 15-20 afkers/non-participants per game.


I’m more concerned about the precedent being set. 4 extra slots has a fairly low impact on the vanilla experience.


Speak for yourself, that’s like having 2 onyxia bags


Lol @ those AV changes.
You fixed the druid exploit which should have been done months ago but refused to address the cave starting position or how graveyards work. You should never res in the cave if you own a graveyard.

Oh well I guess Horde will have to enjoy their new 6 hour AV queues.


That’s interesting. Breaking “No changes” for Security via the bag slots.

How bout a guild bank so I don’t have to be trusted not to ninja anything? I say this as a GM. PLEASE.


I agree it’s not an appropriate change with the vanilla experience in mind. I’m just saying it’s relatively low impact compared to something like flying mounts or transmog. It’s a paper cut, not a bone exposing slash.

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100%. I’ve already seen multiple guilds breaking up with some members transferring servers. Guild masters take the banks any time this happens. Lol

Guild banks were released in 2.3 so hopefully when TBC Classic drops they’ll have guild banks at the start.


lol what. you dont even have to type your email in every time. this is the thing you choose to rage out about?


Remember when we were promised this?

When is there going to be a blue post about botting?


You’ll get it on launch with legacy tbc instead of having to wait for 2.3 (if they did true progression).

Already mentioned above

Also at this point I can see some light in these patch changes that leads me to believe they aren’t just for classic alone. Very likely will be carried forward to any legacy variants of the game. Lastly, glad that they aren’t going to put AQ40 on the ptr. I think at this stage of the game, most of the original vanilla population never really got to see AQ40 and Naxx. The later I hope gets to have a long lifespan (close to a year probably).

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There are seriously that many players who aren’t using authenticators? That’s nuts. They add no real inconvenience and make your account for all practical purposes impossible to steal… why wouldn’t someone attach an authenticator?


Alot of things these days tend to polarize people. While some want security by updating their OS, software and hardware from exploits; some people have bucked that trend for various reasons. Still wonder when if ever, XP and 7 will reach zero percent for households.

If you go to certain areas of retail WoW, particularly Legion zones (one example is the Murloc beach in the center of Val’sharah) where you don’t have to pay for BFA, you’ll find tons of “players” running repetitive routes around mob-dense areas, casting one AoE ability, and are sometimes all the same class/spec and doing the exact same thing. You probably won’t be able to find them until you suddenly hear the noise of 20 or more players all casting AoEs - like in Classic now, most of the low-level players you’ll see in the open world are bots. You just don’t see them that often on Retail because most worthwhile content is instanced.

“Modern botting detection” was meaningless from the start.

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Open up transfers to locked servers we have existing presence on.

Servers are not overpopulated, most accounts are bots, how about that gets dealt with.


Let’s be real dude. Blizzard found a way to sell people’s phone numbers – erm, excuse me, “advertising data”, and they want more of it.


I think you’re meaning azsuna next to nar’thalas academy? Unless it’s gloaming reef in the west of val’sharah (maybe southeast with the border of suramar). Of which right now I think people are capitalizing on some hyperspawn in suramar. Noticed that mobs give around 1g and they pop like bugs for geared 120s. Just do that for several hours/days with brm statue/aoe, and you can make bank.

But yeah you are definitely right. People will get what they want in-game eventually. All this is just an arms race.

I agree, even though this seems like a ridiculous thing to go against.

IMO Blizz is too terrified of false positives. They need to go ultra-aggressive on the anti-bot measures, ready to hand out some game time to make up for mistaken cases. The long term benefits are more than worth it.

If that’s all there was to it, they wouldn’t have sunk time and cash into developing physical authenticator key fobs + iOS and Android authenticator apps and push players to attach them. It might require your phone number for backup, but the number alone won’t give you the bag slots. You have to attach a fob or app authenticator too.

There’s also countless other sites and services that now require an authenticator app without a phone number. It’s the new standard because people generally can’t be trusted to make unique passwords and keep them safe.

calm down. these bug fixes are amazing!


Those sites use those things to create a sense of security for apprehensive users. Years ago you remember the yik yak app right? Well after the round of bullying/“funposting” that happened on there, the devs required a phone number. Or remember spotify requiring a facebook account a long time ago before early 2012? Cause they wanted to know that there was a real person behind the account.

I can easily see Authenticator being required to login for blizzard games within the next year or two. And maybe just maybe, requiring a physical device (not going to count out possible bluestack/emulator usage for Authenticator) could cut down on bot usage in WoW. Just make it more expensive (having to own a real device) that it drives up their operating costs which no doubt leads to price increases. Which if go high enough, people will be turned off from purchasing. Again all of this is theoretical and wishful thinking.

Can we please receive some clarification before I start making “bug” reports? Is Phase 5 PTR supposed to emulate Patch 1.10 or not? Because we’re currently not seeing the T0.5 quest lines, Lord Vathalak quest line, etc. which would also mean no Spellweaver’s Turban, no Dianna’s Pearl Necklace, etc.

Is this all intended meaning P5 is literally just Patch 1.9?