PTR function glitching

Ive been attempting to access the PTR since last night. Every time i launch it, the screen goes completely gray and the application stops responding. It will flash the log-in screen for a brief second sometimes and the text will look cut up or digitized. Usually after a few minutes the launcher will just crash. Launching and playing normal retail WoW is completely fine and runs as it usually does. The PTR is the only part with this issue.

I just used the “Scan & Repair” function. After about 30 minutes of scanning and clicking the Update prompt, the PTR does the exact same thing. Gray screen with flashes of black and the login-in screen.

Is there any way to fix this?

possibly try game settings - then game settings from that menu and reset in game options for that that client?

however, what are your specs?

PTR is using the new system requirements for SLs. Retail and Classic are not… BUT WILL BE once pre-patch goes live.

That being said, the Mac client has issues right now on the PTR. So don’t try to fix your computer, it’s the game itself that is broken.

Wait for another rollout to the PTR to see if they have fixed the issue for you. Again, the Mac client IS having issues.