PTR Development Notes

Rallying cry nerfed by 5%.

Thank goodness warrior utility was TOO good


Why do they love this ability so much

can’t go a season without this spec being weak at all, huh. it’s been pretty nice rarely q’ing into demos. don’t understand their obsession with the warlock BM hunter spec while leaving aff in the dirt as far as design goes.

wonder when they’ll realize that slam feels horrible to press in pve and pvp no matter how many buffs it gets

The community would like to understand why the map pool concept is still a thing? Nobody cares for this.


This ruined my appetite and I incoherently chastised my wife. Life isn’t fair.


You should see the rest of DH changes LOl get rekt

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You were the only DH I like, now I dislike you more than my mother in law!


Doesn’t affect pvp.


What weird changes lol

Ya know, I’ve always been a Demon Hunter deep down. I just took a break from it being my main and might randomly decide to start it up for no particular reason

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Weird that it’s a choice node with our MS effect. Probably not worth taking.


Nice try blizzard but you already killed the spec and it was already on its last leg.

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You haven’t quite snuffed out disc priests completely. Keep the nerfs coming.

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That’s a pretty big affliction lock buff. Kind of unfair to nerf holy priest ability to avoid UA backlash but other healers get to keep their’s.

Disc changes


They were trying to give you a nice gift.


Darkness is 100% now instead of RNG (when not in raid) but we can still get CCd out but I like the change.



arena = raid

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Interesting. Amazing buff for arena/ss and for non-raid world pvpers, but it will still be a horrible defensive in BGs.

Arenas are party aren’t they? Most of us just use raid frames instead. But I can be wrong

Also, increased by 100%. Not, increased to 100%. Unless I’m misunderstanding, I think Darkness gets boosted to 30% when not in a raid.

But yeah, arenas are flagged as raids for some reason. I found that out when I was trying to make macros, thinking I could differentiate between arenas and bgs.

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