PSA: You can like your own posts with alts

I mean the burden of proof is on you.

You can switch to an alt and try liking your own post if you don’t think it’s true. Test it yourself.

Ok. And?

Since everyone is from all corners of the world and the game who cares?

I was being sarcastic, sorry for not making it more obvious. Obviously likes mean nothing.

I thought the songs name was ‘smooth criminal’… that’s not very smooth…

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You don’t have any proof those 10+ people were alts. They liked things too fast for them to be alt switching. Nobody could’ve switched back and forth that fast. This shouldn’t bother you lol.

7 likes so far OP.



i could post without a sub as of last week, i resubbed last weekend so i am not sure if they still can.

Check the first 3 to like my post and call it a coincidence

I don’t have any proof they were your alts, but someone was liking your posts in the span of 1 minute, and that is how we discovered you can swap to an alt and like your own posts.

I have tested it and it is something you can do. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me.

i need to jump on some alts and start liking lol :grin: :rofl:

Did you like your own posts OP 7 likes I see ??

Seems fishy how do I know its not your alt Army ?

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Lol now we can never be sure if someone isn’t liking their own posts or not. It’s a conspiracy! Blizzard, please put an end to this madness!

Jokes on you, she was my alt all along.


I’ve always wondered about that!

Alright come on dude, your post got 10 likes in 1 min again. Either someone is trolling you around the forums, or you’re doing this yourself.

I don’t even have any belf alts. All my horde toons are on thrall, and my alliance toons are on sargeras. These people are trolling hard though.

This is taunt btw

Pook he just said your his alt ? Your the same person why keep this up anymore ? we all know the Truth now your just an alt of Taunt.

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If I was his alt this would be the best trolling job I’ve ever seen honestly.