PSA - Transfers Available

Long story short, free transfers are available to mankirk, a realm of the same type with probably 10 times as much population.

Howdy, started all my characters here with the re-release of classic just cuz it happened to be a West Coast server. Since then of course Old Blanchy has effectively completely died. If you’re a quester then of course this won’t matter much to you, but my main game is instances.

I was browsing the store again just to make sure that transfer still weren’t a thing for classic classic and discovered that they are now! A free transfer was available for me but only to one server, and in addition it looks like I was able to purchase character transfers to other classic classic realms. This is despite multiple sources claiming this was not the case, over the last year at least.

Just trying to get the word out so people are aware they can still play their old characters.