PSA To Horde in AV

And I’m sure the token is coming any day now, too.

And the expanded in game shop!

And dual spec!

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I meant marks…

But thanks for pointing it out. I fixed that.

Sorry I couldn’t hear you I was deep inside the horde cave farming salt.

What was that?


One year while I was taking some college courses I joined the chess team. (My gang name was “Ol’ Fool’s Mate” for some reason.)

We used to regularly go to the state prison for practice matches.

Truthfully, I’d much rather do that than play third graders.

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From your lips to God’s ears.

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Everyone else reads this- FvF won’t be in AV.

Cauchy reads this- FvF AV is coming any day now, don’t act like you’re surprised.

Why didn’t you just admit you were wrong earlier? They outright said they had no plans for it, and you’re like " Nuh-uh, they’re totally gonna do it, because of course they will".

I mean, it could happen, but this is the same logic behind every fearmonger on this forum. Most of those are BS.


Good thing anybody whos anybody already has AV done for the entire expansion.
Also good job, the only way you can win is by organizing and voice comms vs a team of pugs, congrats on your rare victory, enjoy it while it lasts.

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Imagine a game so far gone, people not only admit to, but openly brag about exploiting on the forums without repercussions.


That post was regarding the original test. You’re correct… It wasn’t available for AV. It didn’t say it would never be available.

I can see it happening in the future.

Or, they might just implement merc mode to take care if the AV thing.

So, in other words, baseless speculation based on nothing.

But hey! You sure acted smug while you said it! I’m sure plenty of people believed you.

Yes, it’s speculation on my part. I never claimed otherwise.

Maybe if people stopped trying to min-max the hell iut of everything and just played the damned game, these conversations and changes wouldn’t be happening.

But we’ve been down that road.

I use discord in PvP I should be banned…



copium in overdose amounts


How’s that now?

I’d totally buy tokens to get epic flying for my alts.

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Probably so they can run away from PvP faster right?

You are heart seeker Alliance right?

Yeah, Heartseeker. Unfortunately the sweaties drove off the Horde, so there’s nothing to run away from.

The sweaties ruin everything.

Congratulations. Would you like a cookie?

Don’t lie.

You all fled to that server away from PvP.

That wasn’t PvP. Neither are your premades.

Again, if you like PvP, try actually playing the game as intended.