PSA! Shadowlands Leveling Warning! Don’t get stuck grinding!

No, OP very clearly said people are likely to run in to these level gates on a per-zone basis and it is a false statement.

EDIT: The jist here is people should just level how they wanna level and not worry about it too much. The XP is in-line with this even without WM being used at all.

You are misrepresenting what I wrote.

The level breakpoints do exist, and if you only do Campaign quests, you are very likely to hit at least one, if not more.

The most likley one to hit is at <60. If you are not 60 you simply cannot make any further progress, at all.

This is also the point where it is the most difficult to catch up, as mob and quest XP is most degraded at lvl 59. At that point you really only have revendreth content to help you


Nice useful post, I was planning on doing everything on my character in each zone first time through so I could get the quest achievements done but this is good info for people that wanted to speed level.


Thansk for ther heads up - i will have the entire zone completed quest wise before i move to the next zone. Loremaster here since 2014, its just a thing i have to do on my first playthrough. Needing 4 toons to do all coventant story lines is a new thing, should keep me sorted for a few months!


its about damn time they followed a linear story structure instead of whatever theyve been doing this whole time


I mean, sure. The one in Maldraxxus which was the most egregious at the time isn’t 55 anymore though. It’s almost impossible to not be 54 and finish that zone unless you’re in a group and contributing to no killing.

I just think the post is a whole lot of info sensationalizing something that won’t be a big deal. Plenty of side stuff in Revendreth if people have that half-level to go as you already pointed out. You might think the issues are more pronounced and that’s fine, but I don’t think normal players are going to have much trouble anymore after the XP was finally addressed.


It’s not that bad, you can basically ignore side quests in the first 2 zones and just do about half of them in the last 2 and be fine.


I recall them mentioning how the Campaign quests would be called out from the side quests, and I bet some folks (notably those who don’t care that much about questing) were planning on “doing as few quests as possible” and thus leveraging “doing only the campaign quests”.

So, this is a good PSA for anyone who thought they would try that and, in end, perhaps find out they’re being short changed.


Technically you can level through all 3 zones without really doing sidequests and still have enough in the last zone to level you, it’s just you have to go looking for EVERY side quest in revendreth.

It’s smoother to do side quests in both Ardenweald and revendreth though.

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Tbh I’ll just 100% everything to work towards Pathfinder…


Pathfinder is based off renown this go around, not rep.

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I like the world to be persistent. Like there are actually danger area.

The world scaling every enemy are equally strong. The roadside wolf are just strong as ancient ghost lord in the danger wood. Even though the NPC told you the danger wood is umm… dangerous.

But in a persistent world they could make the danger wood be more dangerous. Like the NPC would have told you.


This was useful to know, thank you for posting.

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And all this could have been safely avoided if Ion hadn’t decided to punish the entire playerbase with a 30% xp nerf after a couple of Alliance streamers in warmode leveled too fast to suit him.

Will everyone get enough xp to level, or not? Only time will tell. People have been complaining about this on the beta forum since the nerf hammer came down so many months ago.

If it turns out doing all the campaign quests with warmode off isn’t enough xp to level, a lot of people are just going to be stuck. They will realize that the fact that campaign quests were flagged as though you should do them first and maybe do the side quests later was deceptive, and they have made an unrecoverable mistake.

Unrecoverable mistakes are one of those “RPG elements that go back to the roots of wow”, ie, game mechanics people came to wow to get away from. It looks like we’re in for a lot of them in Shadowlands.


They reverted that nerf, it’s only slightly higher than it was prior to the nerf.

I swear I’ve seen this post before…

Seriously? Hmmmm :thinking:

Wow, thank you very much for this!

It will really help! :grinning:

I love questing, that’s my main thing, but having this information is very important.

Thanks again OP. :cake:

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The first time you go through, if you reach 59 and get loremaster, done with the campaign quests, going back to do side quests you will find they are green and give little xp.


Just wanted to say thanks OP! This is a quality post.

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