PSA! Plunderstorm now has its own forum! 🩵

You seem to be under the impression that I’m demanding something of others?

I just thought it was nice that it exists to keep things organized.

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agreed, we can just focus on talking about stuff like next patch or draenei heritage armor or soul saga or warthin here imho.

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I’m not sure if the bulk of the topics were pulled from GD or not, but I hope people use it more than the ones that come here for customer support and bugs. They don’t seem to know that this section is mostly hands-off for Blizzard beyond info posts.

I also find it curious that they made a dedicated forum for something that appears to be short lived.

Case in point, in all these years they haven’t expanded off-topic to include things beyond tech, books, movies, and games. How about a general off-topic for everything else?

A great place to sweep all the complaints away.


Though, is there anything to talk about with WoW right now? I am not logging into WoW until I get my 40 renown in Plunderstorm. So it’s going to be a long time lol

It’s weird how I posted advice on how to win the game with easy mode power ups, told how to survive and no one wants to look at that.

Cause it’s easier to cry.

Now it’s a fun sub forum for me to tell people why their pettiness is meaningless

That still doesn’t magically make the game mode any more fun.

Call it what you want, but at the end of the day it was advertised as a wow patch and it added nothing to the real game.


I think it’s super cool that Plunderstorm has its own forum now

this needs to be bumped more cause omg. XD

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boops the panda’s nose

Oh bump… not boop.

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I am amused they haven’t moved Blizzards own threads about it over there…


Said so earlier and this is making me change my mind about it a bit.

If they are going to sweep user threads into that forum then they should be consistent and post there as well.

Gotta keep all the trash in one place, Smort.

Announcements seem to be cross game mode. We get Classic announcements here, too.

Everybody: Make sure to only refer to Plunderstorm as Plorm.

Why? Why not? :smiley:

i will refer to it as plundergoats.

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Hope we get Warthin announcement here!

Warthin was announced here and hopefully more recent news about Warthin will be announced here as well.


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What’s that supposed to mean? :thinking:

:cat: :cat2: :cat: