PSA -- Fire Mages and Ignite


& what’s funny about it is that they know it’s bugged & abused it. Thank god it’s getting fixed.

Woo, now hopefully we get tuning for the other idiotic specs soon.


I played my mage for a few games tonight and only had it bug once. It was an ignite tick for around 200k.

I hope they got it fixed because randomly winning because of a bug is lame…

When did they fixed it? Just que 2s skirmish 4 hour ago and Mage still did 1.8mil damage and he is only 385k hp. Ignite did 1.3mil. He basically didnt do anything because we focus him and he still top damage.

They posted it 4 hours ago, and you played 4 hours ago, so probably around the same time. I’ve seen it be top damage for Fire on streams, but the numbers aren’t crazy high like we were seeing.