PSA: Don't use Public Computers

no, they don’t.

there is nothing bs about the information they were given.

account security is the responsibility of the account holder.


Hmm…am I more likely to believe some random Blizzard employee has targeted the OP for injustice AND/OR protecting the misdeeds of others who have a very targeted grudge on the OP…OR do I believe the OP is lying and trying to garner sympathy and/or claims from others also unfairly being punished for crimes they never ever did (pinky promise and all)

Such a hard choice…


another “innocent” cheater trying to drum up sympathy with a sob story of questionable veracity.


Well, I recall an individual playing a fembelf on the forums essentially begging for help cause they were “homeless” and living in their car, etc.

A lot of people fell for it and sent them money, etc.

Then it came to light it was some dude who had a long list of criminal activities. Since then, my belief in what I read on these forums from individuals posing as a “victim” is slim to none.

I did catch the sarcasm though and agree.

The fact that his suspension is 18 months and not 6 severely throws into question the veracity of the claim that no rules were broken. It’s rare enough to get a false positive in the first place, but to also get the second-strike punishment on your first offense? I call shenanigans.


Is this in Asia?

I’m just here for the comments :laughing:

I’m going to have to say BS on its a first offense.

Generally if its minor issue (like some exploit to a degree) you get a few days. (I got a 3 day ban back with the Draught Exploit because 1 character accidentally had 2 pots up, and when Blizz got back to me and said it wasn’t my fault the 3 day suspension was already over. Still very pissed at that. The reason was horde and alliance pots wouldn’t stack together at the time and there was no timer for the buff, and I usually used one before I think it would fall off so I had a 2nd 10% exp buff for about 10 mins).

If its a major issue exploit, cheating, RMT, then you are going to get slapped with a 6 month ban for the first offense.

An 18 month bad would imply you have had at least 1 other major offense of a sever exploit, cheating/botting software or something else on that level.

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I cheated once and got that 6 month ban. After that I was like hell naw I ain’t going that long again without playing this game. Learned my lesson

Time spent on entertainment is not time wasted.

There actually is a prohibition about talking about your ban on the forums.

Which usually just results in your account getting locked, not banned, until it’s rectified.


But he made his peace with that and wasn’t really dwelling on it. His cautionary tale involved saving us from the dangers of playing on a computer that might have shady software and that big bad companies can’t be trusted.


edit nevermind you missed the sarcasm in each of my posts

The guy botted/hacked/cheated, got caught and got banned. He probably tried the program for 10 min and thought he got away with it because he was on a public computer. Warden goes wherever you go and is associated with the accounts in use at the time of it detecting things. Otherwise, cybercafes would be causing thousands of people to get banned just because they played the game on the same computer as one hacker/cheater.

It’s not a cautionary tale, it’s him trying to justify, gain sympathy and an attempt at having the ban reversed. He’s trying to disguise it as some PSA, but you’d have to be a sheep or some other quadruped to fall for it…


sarcasm is hard


From their side though, I am sure they hear a lot of stories from people trying to get out of being banned and they don’t have time to investigate them all as to accuracy.

They warn you not to play on public pc on the log in panel.

I remember that. All sorts of people play this game and I am always amazed blizzard lets those posts stay up.

Hey now, you know just as well as I do what kind of people we have to deal with on these forums… Kind of end up having to take everyone at immediate face value because sadly, it tends to be the truth in how they actually are. It’s late though, my brain is shutting down.

The New York Times released a story that UFOs have been identified by the government based on internal pentagon discussions (google it you’ll find it).

Blizzard may have found someone involved in that here because gaming cafes during COVID-19??? GTFO


Something isn’t adding up here.

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Here in Australia, Cafe’s and gyms etc opened at the begining of June.