<Prowlers of the Night> Late Night AOTC guild recruiting

:fire: Join the Prowlers of the Night! :fire:

Are you a night owl with a passion for conquering some of the toughest challenges Azeroth has to offer? Do you thrive in the mystical glow of moonlight and seek glory in the shadows? If so, the Prowlers of the Night want YOU!

:crescent_moon: Raid Schedule: :clock1030: 10:30 PM - 1:30 AM CST (Server Time) - Perfect for the nocturnal adventurer!

:rocket: What We Offer:
:sparkles: Late Night Excitement: Unleash your potential in our late-night raids or mythic +'s, where we tackle the mightiest bosses under the stars.
:sparkles: Experienced Leadership: Our raid leaders bring a wealth of knowledge and strategy to ensure we conquer every encounter.
:sparkles: Fun and Friendly Community: Join a guild where camaraderie and banter are just as important as loot. We’re more than a guild; we’re a family! Our fun and active Discord server is the heart of our community, providing a space for laughter, strategy discussions, and much more.
:sparkles: Ahead of the Curve Progression: Each raid, we achieve our goal of ahead-of-the-curve achievement, and many times, we venture into Mythic raiding to conquer a few additional bosses. We’re looking for dedicated players to share in our triumphs.
:sparkles: Legacy of Excellence: As a long-term, steady raiding guild, we’ve been conquering challenges since Vanilla WoW. Through every expansion, we’ve stood strong, and our legacy of excellence continues to grow. Join us and be a part of a guild with a rich history of success.

:mag: Who We’re Looking For:
:fire: Skilled Raiders: Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rising star, we want players who know their class and are hungry for progression.
:fire: Team Players: Cooperation is key! We value players who communicate effectively, learn from mistakes, and celebrate victories together.
:fire: Night Owls: If you thrive in the late hours and are ready for epic adventures after the rest of Azeroth has gone to sleep, you’re in the right place!

:clipboard: How to Join: Whisper any of our officers in-game:
Subwolfer (Subwolfer#1851)

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional players to join our ranks. Alternatively, You can also join through the in game guild finder. Finally, you can also respond to this post and express your interest!

Don’t miss out on the thrill of late-night raiding and the chance to become a legend among the Prowlers of the Night. Join us, and let’s conquer the evils of Azeroth while others slumber!

Still recruiting! If you’re looking for a reliable guild home for the upcoming expansion, that’s us! BRING ME MORE M+ HEALERS, PLEASE.

Recruiting all classes! Come join Prowlers of the night! :blush:

Still recruiting, all classes are welcome!

We’re still at it! If you’re looking for a place for next season, come join us!

Still open and recruiting for that next patch! In the meantime, come do dungeons with us. >:)

About to clear our raid sign-up sheet for next season now that we have a date. Come hang with us!

Still recruiting all classes, come join us!