Prowl, Shadowmeld and VOP

Hi there. I currently use a keybind for shadowmeld and one for !prowl though I am wondering if it’s possible to get it all into one.

What I want is one button where if I am in combat and I get a vop proc or activate incarnation (You get one free prowl in combat) it will use that. If not it would use shadowmeld if in combat otherwise prowl outside of it.

Currently I hvae it on two separate keys
/cast [combat] !Shadowmeld
/cast [nocombat] !Prowl

The Shadowmeld works but when I get incarn this won’t do the !prowl…

So it’s separate would like to get it working if it is actually possible
second bind is simply /cast !prowl

Not possible, macros cannot test for buffs.

You could force Prowl with a modifier though:

/cast [mod] [nocombat] !Prowl; Shadowmeld

I figured something out.

If you have a macro that has just:

/cast incarnation: King of the jungle
/cast !prowl

This actually works!

It will cast incarn if not up and if it is up, it skips and seems to cast prowl flawlessly so far. This is perfect as I can use this keybind as my pseudo burst ANd stealth when VOP activates it already.

Just wanted to share my findings!