[Proudmoore] <Unvanquished> AOTC guild LF HEALZ & DPS for DF...Raid Wed/Fri 8-11PM PST

■Who are we?

We are a mix of veteran raiders from Proudmoore, Alleria, and Kilrogg. Our primary focus in Dragonflight is pushing to get AOTC in raiding and Rating for Mythic+. Unvanquished is a fun, casual raiding guild, however, we are serious about reaching our goals. Proudmoore is a PST server and the majority of raiders come online from 8 pm til 11 pm almost every day. We are alt-friendly and have a Horde-side guild as well. You’re always welcome to reach out to us in-game or learn more on our website, unvanquished.gg

■DragonFlight Progression:
Vault of the Incarnates - 8/8N | 8/8H

■Dragonflight Raid Nights:
Weds & Friday: 8 pm-11 pm (PST/Server)
Leader: Kumandjump
Lieutenants: Angrycupid/Lelaera

■Dragonflight Raid Recruitment:
Range classes:
SPriest, Ele Shammy, Balance, Mage, Lock

Melee class:
Unholy, Havoc, Ret

Healer class:
Shammy, Priest, Evoker

■Voice Communication:

Raid Leader: Kumandrun/Kumandjump
Raid Lieutenants: Angrycupid/Lelaera
Recruit Officer: Aetheriùs (BNET: Cronus#1359 / DISC: Aetherius#4508)

You can also /who Unvanquished to see who is online and they should be able to point you toward the proper person.

Bump. Looking for range: Hunter, Lock, Mage, Spriest, Shaman

I just moved to the west coast and looking for a guild in PST to move a couple toons over from Dalaran. Mostly heals and dps player. Your raid times are perfect!

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Pallynick, what’s your Bnet# or Discord#?

Hey! Sorry, got busy with work and irl. My bnet is BouncyKnight#113853

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Bump with updated recruitment roles.

Looking for range: BM/MM Hunter, Mage, Spriest
Looking for melee: Arms/Fury War, Unholy/Frost DK, Ret Pally, Havoc DH, Survival Hunter

Hi I am newer player just starting out but plan to put some massive hours in to reach max level asap. I am looking at making a either ret pally or unholy dk. Would you need me to be max level before I joined?

Hello Hanarol. You can join us as a casual until you are all caught up.

Awesome to hear. What do you guys need more from ret pally, Havok DH or unholy dk?

Unholy DK. Thank you for asking.

Okay making the unholy dk now.

Bump with updated changes.

Bump with November updates and opening recruitment for DF

Bump for updated recruitment info

Bump for updated info

Hello i am a old wow player who just recently got back into the game after 8 years of not playing and am looking for a guild to raid with and call home. I plan to main my warlock for DF so if you guys are still looking for a warlock i will gladly transfer him i also do have plenty of mythic raiding experience from the last time i played. Btag: Desconfiar#1104

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Looking forward chatting with you, Inspectorg

Updated recruitment for DF release

Updated for DF Raid