Protection Paladin LF a Mythic Raiding Guild

My Paladins Name is Takingdmgwbu-Illidan Horde Side I’m 446 Ilvl Protection Paladin I’m 8/8N 8/8H 4/8M with 6/8M Experience in EP with a 70 Neck I have a lot of raiding experience I have 90% parses on normal and heroic and mythic Content I’m Very knowledgeable and would strive and to achieve CE this Tier if given the Opportunity from a Guild if interested My BTAG is fierceDMG#1169

bump bump bump please.

Hiya - I’m with a newer guild on Thrall (2 months old, 4/8M, sub 30% on Org) looking to put together a solid group for 8.3

We have some really, really good players on roster and are looking to round it out with some exceptional DPS and a beefy stronk tank to fill a permanent OT role.

We started the tier out late, but in a short amount of time we’ve created a guild and roster (from scratch) and have made quick progress. We have high hopes for 8.3

Outside of raid, we run keys regularly and dabble in PvP - we’re a small but active guild with a chill and family-like vibe. We would love to talk to you about a potential tank space if you’d be interested. :slight_smile:

Hit me up here, or on discord (bedhed#0001) or you can hop in to our guild discord and take a looksie (join code: jEDRNgT)