PROT warrior LF Guild

A little about me: Im 35 years old family guy, i play whenever i can and with an toddler its hard to find an guild that doesnt understand when it comes to family etc. MY previous guild raid time is off my limits due to work and other stuff and that isnt all about that guild you must be an core raider in order to raid, being an core raider isnt an easy task, its like an full time job and if your late even 5 mins your replaced and demoted… Not the kinda guild i wanna be in.

History of wow: I mained an warrior & rogue back in vanilla and took an long break during cata-MOP came back during WOD and Main tanked entire xpac.

Extras: IM looking for any guild that raid after 9pm est 2 days a week besides friday & saturday, no drama, chill vibes, if we wipe on an boss i dont mind changing or respecing if i have to in order to progress further.

I probably wiped over 100x on 1 single boss before but out of that 100 wipes it made me improve my class and an better tank…

Thanks for any replies and please no negative comments thank you.