Prot warrior (218) and an Enhance/Ele (221) both are 4/10M

215 Prot warrior with a 222 Priest and 221 warlock (got sick of always looking for a tank so decided im maining one now.

220 Enhance (sometimes ele/resto) with 216 mage.

The both of us are looking for a raiding guild that is hopefully already 10/10H and starting mythic or not too far in mythic. We are both AOTC and 4/10M (killed inerva and never had a chance to pull sunking or xymog yet) and want to push content. I know my warriors ilvl is a little low but im KSM and already tanking 15+ keys no problem so my ilvl will skyrocket with the vault. Looking for weekday raiding any time after 9PM server time.

Pref 10Pm or later but nothing before 9PM.


Message me in game on Lukovä (alt 0228 for the ä) or on discord Lukova#2626

Thank you.

Hey Lukova! I sent you a friend request on Discord but if we don’t happen to cross paths on there please feel free to add me on Battle.Net @ Revonent#1138. We are 10/10 Heroic and are starting our guild progression on Mythic this Wednesday. I look forward to talking with you, hopefully we can find you a new raiding home here with us at Last Call on Stormrage!

OMG we are just what you are looking for!

Discord Code:

Come join us!!!

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Bump up to the top, Looking for a guild where Warrior can tank. Made fury lego and can fury as an offspec but not what this char is for.

Still looking for a guild where I can MT/OT Already done with KSM gear is coming fast and easy (got a 226 wep for arms pvp so i can start stacking in conquest gear)

Bump for being a cool raid leader!

Bumb Still looking for a Tank spot/dps spot in a guild. One juicy 214 prot warrior and one juicy geared 220 enhance shaman

bump looking for guild

Bump To the top. LF raiding guild could possibly push raid times to 8 server time but still looking for 9 server and later.

Bump, good tank and guildies.

Bump, looking for good long term home raiding guild

bump still looking

Bump to the top want that long term raid team son!

Bump up to the top, still looking for a guild!

Bump, Getting LUCKY awesome weekly boxes. Still looking for a tank spot and a dps spot for the shaman!

Bump, message me on discord Lukova#2626 for parses

Bump to the tippy top for tippy top things. Still looking for guild for long term. 216 Prot warrior tank and an ehnace/ele shaman whos 220. Both strong mechanic players with good parses who have been pugging.

Doing my best to keep this on top till we find our FUReverhome! no furry joke intended… I JUST WANNA RAID AND RUN KEYS AND PVP!!! Pugging sucks. We have good logs! hit a brother up

Bump to the top. Not like anyone is recruiting cause ded game ded