Prot War or Prot Paladin in RBGS?

Actually that was based on power. That is where Tanks are when the nerfs go live.

Bear probably dropping from S tier down to A. Prot War likely move up past them. Then the other nerfs really hurt other Tanks.

Honey, power off how you play is how classes feel to you. :woman_shrugging:

I’m not basing it off how I play. I’m just giving you a Tier list in regards to power after the nerfs . :rofl: :man_facepalming:

If you disagree fine. However that is where Tanks are ranking come tomorrow. So what you choose is up to you. With that said time for my workout. I’m sure we will chat again lol.

Bear after nerfs moves down to A. Prot War got nerfed the least moves from A to S tier. Rest of Tanks got considerable nerfs that hurt their builds. It isn’t complicated.

Out of curiosity how far do you make it on the rated ladder every season lol

Yeah yeah that’s was good and I play prot pally too always hoping this season will be viable to prot but as I stated not gonna happen

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Come Tues


Prot Pal was already struggling against burst even in someone’s own words. Below.

I then responded to that with.

The issues with Prot Pal is getting globaled, lack of Stun/CC protection as it’s been pointed out. After the nerfs now it will be even more prevalent since Prot Pal take 10% more damage!

Just some food for thought. If this isn’t the case after Tues I’ll gladly rescind my thoughts. The Bear and DH nerfs seem extensive. Prot War was in a great spot and continues to be better with the recent changes.

prot pally is extremely, extremely strong right now

No you don’t

That’s how you kill a prot paladin in a bg yes, everything dies in cc

Disagree, It was high B tier before Tues at best. With glaring issues. These issues will only be amplified. You can be entitled to your opinions but most Rank 1 players will not say that Prot Pal is extremely strong. Since it isn’t.

No that’s how badly designed Tanks die. The high end Tanks don’t. Which is why Prot Pal’s defensives are lack luster. Maybe they will get buffed.

I assure you everything dies in a stun

You’re also not a good player, so there’s that lol

Bears and Prot Wars don’t. You aren’t killing a Prot War in a stun because of their cheat death and receive 100% more healing once it’s triggered.

Prot Pal has a much weaker version of it. Which could be buffed. It needs to be at 35% HP that it triggers since pally has lower HP.

People only attack others when insecure and can’t discuss the topic.

You can have your opinion just it doesn’t make sense and most high ranking players don’t agree with it. Feel free to prove everyone wrong. :wink:

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You just have no credibility on the topic

Isn’t MotW a buff?

Yes I am on topic where you are foolishly attacking me for no reason. Relax get some fresh air and get back on topic. I’ve provided some information feel free to also do that.

Yes they do, you just don’t know how to do it

Homie I’m chilling lol. I just don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about

Sitting there and staring at a mountain for 16 years doesn’t make you a rock climber

Mark of the wild? Anyone can do that. That’s like saying battle shout.

I was talking about actual Buffs/Debuffs. Prot War can Demo everyone so they do 25% less dmg. They can also shield bash 1 target for another 15%. Prot War reducing damage of the other Team by large amounts in Team fights is pretty big. Not to mention the best CC/Control.

It would be great if Bears had some beneficial PvP design instead of just being a giant potato there. Which is why Bears don’t have any Arena comps. It’s just not in their design. They don’t compliment teams.

Which hopefully Tanks overall get healthier PvP design in the future like Prot War has so then maybe they aren’t as hated like Bears are.

I’m not sure what you mean. I’m a shaman and I can’t.

Any other druid lol… Just like any warrior can battle shout. You can just have a boomie or Resto do Mark of the wild. So Bear isn’t bringing any buffs/debuffs. Unless I’m missing something?

Sigh… so no MoTW isn’t a buff they are bringing.

You are not killing a Prot Warrior through their cheat death when they are stunned. You just aren’t. I’ve had 15 people attacking me while stunned and I survived. Healed to full and got away. (since healing is doubled when it procs)

Again it wouldn’t be a very good defensive if you die when it procs :rofl:

Which is why they should buff Prot Pal’s defensive to trigger at 35% HP instead of 20% since they have lower HP. Then maybe buff it too 60-70%

I see why you post on your classic toon. Have fun being hard stuck 1200 your entire life <3 tootles :nail_care:

It’s really sad that I keep bringing up valid points and this is your childish response. It just isn’t mature or helpful for anyone reading the thread. It’s also amusing you think I’m 1200. You can do better and be better in providing info in this thread. Or keep trolling. The choice is yours :roll_eyes:

Please tell me how do you kill a Prot War in a stun through their cheat death? Did you even know they have one?

It’s one of the reasons why Prot War is higher on Tier list now. With a Cheat death and their immense tool kit and damage. It’s looking good.