Prot pally with ret offspec LF raiding guild have 4/8 exp


Looking for a new home anytime from 8pm EST to 2am EST. My btag info is Greelle931#1112 if u are looking thank u!.


Hey there!

I lead one of our guilds raid groups, Name is TBD, We’re a semi-casual group of like-minded adults who want to have a good time without the stress of pushing progression too quickly.

Our guild, Karma Horde, is one of the largest on the server (US-Stormreaver), with plenty of active members who all focus on a wide variety of content: PVP, M+, even pets. There’s always someone online to chat or group with.

Progression wise, we’re currently 8/8 EP, having achieved AotC back in August. Our goal for each tier is to achieve AotC and then push lightly into mythic as far as the group feels comfortable (CE should not be expected).

TBD’s raid times are Monday and Weds 7:45pm - 10:45pm CST. Feel free to message me BlacKCaT#12565 if you have any questions.



We raid Tues and Thurs nights from 9pm –midnight central/ sever time and looking for another dps. Also do an optional alt /community raid Saturday night, lots of fun!

Currently 8/8H. Mostly just aim for AOTC then hit a few mythic bosses to pass the time between raid tiers.

Most of us are in our 30s. My Battletag is JRoc#1966 and Discord is JRoc#5400. Hit me up and lets chat!


Hey! Check us out!

< Low Battery > is a guild that was originated from a group of friends years ago in WotLK that has stuck together through the years and continues to raids together. We have since picked up and merged with other guilds that we have met through mutual friends, or raided with on the side during our off nights. Most of us spend our off raid nights either doing things in WoW or playing other games together in discord.

We raid on Tuesday/Wednesday from 9pm to 12am(Midnight) EST each week pushing for the best possible progression we can reach each tier. While we are not looking for cutting edge we are always pushing our way into Mythic content to see how far we can reach.

We expect our raiders to be well prepared, that includes: Being prepared for new fights by looking up strats and understanding abilities. Being familiar with your class and spec, always bringing Potions, Flasks, and Food. Being ok with occasionally sitting out to let others into the raid for time. We do not have a permanent bench, so we try to make sure everyone sees equal time raiding. We also understand that real life does happen. We are perfectly ok with people missing raids, just ask to be notified so we know.

Our current progression is as follows:
3/8M The Eternal Palace

Past Progression:
5/9M Battle for Dazar’alor
2/2H Crucible of Storms
3/8M Uldir

We are currently looking for:
DPS - All

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Hope to hear from you!
Chuey#1652 Razzers#1982