Prot Paladin in RSS is Insulting

In what world does it make any sense to allow Prot paladins to heal in 3s.

Just waited 30 minutes to go 2-4 because all 4 games they just…didn’t push bubble? And oh yeah… THEY AREN’T ACTUALLY HEALERS

It’s honestly disgusting to literally play roulette with whether or not the TANK will heal you.

Get rid of them. There’s no place for that in RSS


Shadowlands, actually. Originally they planned to have tanks repalce healers, and obviously Protection would’ve had the upper hand in these matchups, so they put them into their own mirror bracket.

Later on they did away with tanks replacing healers but kept the prot mirror ladder.

Weak healing, big defensive cds. Kind of awkward for a lot of specs to play with.

The last time prots were viable healers was like wrath and it was busted lol

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Where are the prot pally buffs

We’re they not viable in sl? Didn’t drainer play one in the awc and make it super far?


The worst thing about these lobbies is the prot matchup always has a huge gulf between them.

Every prot lobby in recent memory one gets gapped hard

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The thing that made prot really good when Drainer played prot in the AWC was the pvp talent that made divine steed make the prot immune to CC mixed with the conduit that made divine steed last like 8 seconds.

That was nerfed relatively quickly. Past that point if you lost to a prot paladin as the sole healer, you were just really, really bad.

After the nerf drainer was still playing prot at highest of levels. So any eu players at tourney level were bad?

Compared to Drainer? Yeah. Drainer could probably go into games naked and be competitive.


Drainer could heal AWC on a Hunter and still carry some games lol.


I swear I have gone 0-6 everyvsingle.time I got prot paladin shuffle. Pure stupidity. Tanks should be banned from arena or queued into other tanks let them go 6 tanks 0 healers shuffle and die of boredom


Shadowlands would like a word. Also while it did get nerfed super quick, it was extremely strong S1 DF for about 2 weeks pre-season. Like Bri, who used to post here, was routinely #1 on healing in BGs by a lot.

Yeah, they’re a little too non-standard for the mode and the spec could be slotted in as the other tanks are so as to avoid effectively healerless lobbies.

Ret is like a much better version of nearly every tank spec. :dracthyr_shrug:

Or maybe just ban prot pallys

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Prot paladin was actually kinda fun as a healer. We could use more melee style healing. Maybe it would make more people willing to heal if they created more varied means of doing so.

Prot Pally as it exists right now may as well not exist. It creates a situation where less tanky dps get steamrolled on a prot pally queue