<Prosapia> Recruiting for 10.2!

Prosapia is looking to fill our roster for 10.2!

Who We Are: Prosapia is a Heroic raid guild that earns AOTC for each raid tier. We are a group of older players (25-45+) who have been playing together for years (some of us for more than a decade even), and play mostly on nights and weekends. We are working adults with jobs and lives who still enjoy slaying internet dragons in our spare time. If you also enjoy slaying internet dragons when you’re done adulting for the day, Prosapia may be right for you!

We play this game to relax and have fun while pushing current content in a low stress environment. We know that life comes first. While we have been known to dabble in Mythic raid in the past, we are NOT a Mythic raid guild.

Who We Want: We think who you are is more important than what you play. We are looking for players who play when we do and will mesh well with our group. We appreciate a positive attitude and the ability to chuckle at the occasional mature joke…or immature joke depending on how you look at it.

While we would love those interested to be able to join the Prosapia guild proper, it is not a requirement to join our raid team. We have several members of our team who join cross-server. It’s more important that we have someone who can make our raid nights consistently.

The Details: We raid Sunday and Monday night 6pm-9pm PST (9pm-12am EST). We use Discord for voice. We are located on the Cenarius Server (which is connected to Cairne, Perenolde, Korgath, Frostmane & Ner’zhul). We are an Alliance guild, but our horde friends are welcome!

We are currently looking for the following to fill our ranks:

  • (2) Dedicated Healers (any class, a Priest would be a bonus!)
  • A healer interested in pushing M+ with a weekly group is a plus.
  • A few DPS (melee or ranged)
  • A DPS with a Tank off-spec who can function as our OT when needed.

If you think you may be interested in joining Prosapia, add Andarieal #1514, Nickelbritt#1441 or Cy#1256 and introduce yourself!

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discord: ordinarystar
i like to talk