Proposed AV fix

Alliance needs a motivation to win… put a black lotus behind Drek.


Bold of you to assume it won’t get picked by Horde before the first flag is capped.


good change.

anything else wouldn’t really change anything. alliance moral is broken so easily, that’s why horde win all the time.

only can be interacted by an alliance player… there

That’d work, if the Alliance could have time to stop and pick the flower during the fight, since the battle ends once the commander dies.

Just award a Scarab Lord title and mount to 1 random player of the winning team. I guarantee Alliance will play to win like you’ve never seen before.


They could reward every alliance in the raid with a lotus for winning and it still wouldn’t fix AV. This is yet another attempt to treat the symptom of the problem rather than its disease. They need to nerf the horde cave respawn. That is why the alliance can never get south. That is why AV is in the garbage state it is in, and will stay there. This change was actually done in BC when Blizzard finally decided to improve the balance in BC. They still refuse to backpatch this into classic however. So I guess we’ll have to wait for BC to enjoy this BG.