Project: Memories

(Moranai) #1

When war’s wage, the world changes…

People are changed, hardened and burdened. Lands are changed, destroyed and foreign. Even after the war ends, before another begins, we never truly stop being at war. Our minds and bodies are forever living in the past, forced to be pushed to move on day to day. We remember, we move on or we forget and we forever remain stuck in the past.

Lands such as Lordaeron and Quel’Thalas were forever changed when the fallen Prince Arthas Menethil razed our lands and destroyed our people. We lost our livelihood and for a long time, our hope. Though we fought hard to avenge our fallen and we did so successfully, we never truly got past the horrors we saw, faced, endured.

Even in times of war, where once more we fight each other, we still look back and remember those who were lost previously. We are all watching history repeat itself in the same lifetime. Let us not forget that we which we survived in our past, so we may not make the same mistakes again.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of Project: Memories is to bring together shared stories and art of the various accounts of those who have survived through Prince Arthas’ razing through Lordaeron and Quel’Thalas. For Lordaeronian Humans, Forsaken, and the Thalassian Elves who survived and avenged their fallen brethren or were forced into undeath at the Prince’s hand, we share our stories for you.

We are opening this project to all US Role Play realms who wish to take part . This is opt-in and the book and its content are not required to be seen as an item if one does not wish. We do not condone forcing that which another wishes to not recognize in RP.

This is meant simply as a fun project for the various RPers to gather stories in one place for in character purposes. There will be In Character Racial representatives for the Humans, Elves, and Forsaken to keep the races and factions separated save for the mods who are hosting the project. This means it is unlikely you or your character will meet the moderator’s characters on an IC basis. Your character is given a place to send the letter via Phoenix, Raven, or another way, and it will be picked up or delivered where the intended host desires. This will help prevent any issues that could possibly come about and keep this project easy going.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will this be produced?

It will be in PDF format. Further details on production will come at a later date.

  • What page size do we use if we’re an artist?

Use dimensions 8"x11" for artwork being submitted. This is going to be a regular book so it will have to fit into it properly.

  • How many pages should my writing be?

3 pages are preferred, however, we ask you do not go above 5 pages. This will be a large PDF and depending on submissions it may be more than one volume. We’d like to limit that so if you can fit your story in under 5 pages that would be perfect.

  • How many stories artworks can we submit?

1 story or art piece per character. You can write for all your characters or just one, but only one story or art piece for each one.

  • Are comics allowed?

Absolutely. We ask you to keep it to no more than 4 pages for the comic.

  • Will this be a GHI or TRP3 made item?

Absolutely not. This is going to be far too big of a PDF to bother turning it into an in game item. As great as that would be, you’ll have to continue using your imagination with this.

  • How do we write this?

This is an in-character book, so write the story as if your character was writing it.

  • Can we commission art for this?

If you’re wishing to add commissioned art that you did not draw, you need written consent from the artist for us to see that it is allowed in the final PDF.

  • What font do we use?

Stick with basic Times New Roman, 12 PT, single line. It’s easy to read and format.

  • What format do we submit the writing in?

Google doc links work just fine and are preferred. Please make sure to have the link viewable.

  • When is the deadline for submissions?

Presently, there is not one. We will be running this for at least half of 2019 so there is plenty of time to write and do your artwork for one or all of your characters.

Upon Joining

The general chat channel is open to everyone with or without rank, however, in order to participate and see the rest of the channels, you will need to have ranks. We have ranks available for every US RP Realm as well so you can represent your realm.

Should any more questions come up, they will be added to the Frequent Inquiries channel.

A Little Extra…

We have plans in store for a few contests on and off throughout this project. A way to give you something else to do and have some fun in between writing, arting or just hanging out. Contests are open to anyone who wishes to participate in them and will receiveve their own rank for those channels.

Come Join the Fun!!

We look forward to meeting all who join and working with all on building this book within character stories!