<Project Cloverfield> One day AOTC guild is recruiting!

Added everyone.

Bumping in 2022

Bump for Sepulcher progression

Bumping for rest of Season 3

Bumping for getting AOTC

Still recruiting for S4 and Dragonflight

Would love to talk with someone about potentially joining the guild if there’s still availability. Bnet is Daws925#1750 - hope to hear from you soon!

Updated for DF

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Come raid with us! We raided every week up until the expansion release, we stay active!

if there is actually a guild out there of previous sweats gone clown car casual and aren’t going to blast me with “gamer words” every key or raid, i’ll absolutely join. are there more people like me out there?

Bump for progress update!

Bump for the AOTC kill!!!

Come raid and do m+ with us! (other fun stuff too)

Great place to be for 10.1, come raid with us :crossed_swords:

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Bumping for a little late season Mythic?!?!

Bumping for progress and needs update

Mythic progress bump

430 destro/afflic with 8/9h aberrus
Looking for a good group of dudes to push high keys with. Just got back into the game hardcore since legion.

438 frost mage 8/9H Abberus looking to chill in Heroic and do M+
Almost quit at the start of DF (because of BFA and Shadowlands) and all I really did was KSM S1. I’ve always enjoyed raiding and getting AOTC and the start of DF is the only time I haven’t because of …ya know and losing the group of people I raided with because of BFA and Shadowlands.

Bump for updated 10.2 needs!