Professions, quests, and Armor

I had an idea for players who like to gather material for their professions. As my Girlfriend and I did this, we came up with this idea together. Of course, I am adding some thoughts to this, but she said, “why don’t they have quests for your professions?” I told her that some are, but I wish they put more to promote the professions.

So, here is the ideas; can we have quests that allow us to make stuff for our professions or even help us gather material for our professions, and as a reward, we get profession-type transmogs or/and gold?

This goes for secondary professions also like cooking and archaeology.


I think you’re on to something here; I’ve only dabbled at bit in FFXIV but I rather like their levequests since it gives me a specific goal in professions to work on instead of just grinding until I can make what I actually want. Having Darkmoon Faire, Legion/BfA profession quest lines, and WQs have helped but there’s still just a lot of boring left to work through.

However, I think you’d be better off posting this question in either the General Forums, the Profession Forums, or maybe the Questing Forums. This forum is for players on the CC/SoE/BwR/SC server cluster and deals mainly with our community specific posts and topics.

You’re likely to get more discussion and feedback in one of the other spots!

Hope you and your gf are having fun :smiley:

We are; I wish I had money to get a sub, or I would have put this on those forums. Thank you for replying and liking this post, though.