Problems with the quest "Garden of secrets"

When the cinematic starts that ezralor betrays us, everything gets stuck and my character is “pacified”. It didn’t let me do anything, what it did let me do was to use the home stone of dalaran from legion, I went back and let me kill Ezralor, but not doing the quest to unfreeze the npc, now in the next quest I have to talk to the npc to “gather the forces” they are not where they are supposed to be, I tried to quit the quest, clear cache, disable the addons, but nothing works, does anyone know what I should do?

I would strongly urge you delete the first half of your post as it contains spoilers of current content that players browsing this forum may not yet have access to, considering that it’s renown gated.

Up to about here: “now in the next quest”


Suit yourself. I was doing some digging, but the attitude prompts disinclination. Good luck.


So this forum is one for players to assist other players. It’s not a contact point for the staff, though we do have some wonderful SFAs who pop in when and where they can. The players who are here and happy to help are here of our own volition and giving our free time with nothing in return for it. Copping an attitude with anyone isn’t productive, least of all someone who may be here to help. And especially not on the most heavily moderated forum there is.

There isn’t even actually a quest by the name of “Garden of Secrets”, that’s actually the entirety of a storyline. So you do potentially hold the risk of spoiling things for someone who has not gotten to that point. It takes a handful of seconds to put things behind a cut.

That said, if you would tell us perhaps which quest you are specifically hung up on, that goes a long way in trying to help you figure out how to work around it.


Ezralor appears, but he is neutral, I am pacified and there is no dialogue. I abandoned the mission but the result is always the same, the last attempt was to use hearthstone, I came back and Ezralor was attackable, I killed him and he sent me to talk to Merithra to start the quest “The Allies of nature” quest=66392
But as I never freed the npc from the ice, now I can’t continue the quest, because it asks me to talk to a dragon that takes me to the camp again, but it’s frozen, because I didn’t free it yet, I go by my own means to the camp and the npc I have to talk to is not there, because the quest wasn’t done correctly.
So I’m stuck between
quest=66190 and quest=66392

But it may be more than that for your fellow humans, and of course you respect their wishes to not have stories spoiled, right? Of course.

Thanks. That was easy, and it was all that needed to be said in the original post. EZPZ and no spoilers. Anyway, all that aside, we’ll go from here.

First off, for posterity, the correct names of the quests:

66190: 'So Close’
66392: 'Rallying Nature’s Allies’

OK, quest #66190 does seem to be bugged for some folks at the moment, in exactly the same manner you describe (NPC neutral, your character pacified):

Good news, though. The top comment there, with 30 upvotes, states that logging out and back in (not a /reload, a whole logout-login) fixes the issue - but that abandoning and re-acquiring the quest doesn’t help. Aside from the upvotes, at least one player responded confirming the logout with about a 20 second wait fixed the issue for them.

So, although Blizz most certainly knows about the issues, and whether or not the work-around folks are using works for you, you’ll want to post about this in Bug Report. It’ll get this information in front of the folks who fix quest bugs.

Please note that Bug Reports are a one-way system of communication. Generally, you aren’t contacted for further info, and receiving an ETA on a fix isn’t part of this process. It’s just for you to let the bug-fixers know something needs to be fixed. And then, unfortunately in your case, you move on and do something else until it’s resolved.

Good luck.