Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Tabard of Frost

I’m happy to see that. Items out of circulation serve no purpose.

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It was and is listed on the black market.

I , with one mighty click, claim thee for all time as mine own!

This is getting too funny.

This was oddly inspiring.

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I got no notification of it in-game, but when I opened a transmog session it was there.

And what tiny fraction of players actually take part in that?

Yeah, there’s no notification. It’s just…there.

What is the annual fee? Sounds like a lot of money for someone who doesn’t have Amazone Prime anyway.

The annual fee is $139, but it’s “cheaper” to just subscribe monthly for about the same price as a WoW sub. If you need to cancel to save a few bucks, you can simply cancel. Most people aren’t subbed just for Prime Gaming anyway. :sweat_smile:

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I have this one. I am happy for the folks that are getting it though.

The nice part is, it so far seems that they will all be making a turn a through prime. I can wait patiently for the grey and green colors.

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I’m waiting patiently to participate in an Amazon or Twitch promotion.

Haha did I say patiently? I’m tired of being patient.

FWIW, they did have a few things that was classic only via promotions. They could easily throw one of those into Prime/Twitch. And just so no one gets left out for not having one or participating in the other they could spread it across the Trading Post.

This is of course not including any and all of the treasure trove of mounts, mogs, and pets that are sitting there in the game files unimplemented for player use.

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The ones that were just promotional items to begin with, yeah.

I dont have AP for WoW, I’ve had it for a couple of years for multiple reasons. As a Prime member I get the majority of my orders freight free and at a generally very fast delivery time (often the next day for Australian items). I also have access to the AP streaming service, and a number of other features. The WoW giveaways are a relatively new addition to those features. It’s just a little plus for me.

Go to the transmog, on the Prime Gaming it says it will appear at transmog in the tabs.

It would kind of depend on whether you shop Amazon or not. If you shop there often free shipping is a bargain.

That would really be an awesome compromise. Why haven’t they done it? Blizzard, why don’t you do this?

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They might as well make the swift spectral tiger a promotional item, wonder what the hold up is

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Anything could happen, but they have been very adamant about not including it, as well as the Magic Rooster, in these kinds of promotions.

Hahahahaha this is a 10 char sentence.