Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Tabard of Frost

When you play WoW independently of the drops, and pay for Amazon independently of the drops, with the value of your sub being met independently of the drops, then yes.

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Yep. I pay for Prime for the services (shopping, streaming, etc). Anything else that comes with it is just a bonus.


Sounds like someone didn’t take advantage of Metro by T-Mobile’s free Amazon prime deal they had last year.

Thanks. Cool looking tabard! Claimed.

Ooh always wanted that one, yay.

or you know people pay for amazon prime for to watch videos and this is just an added perk… is what you should be saying

Excellent. One of the ones I wanted. Now just need of the void, and the black one.

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I’m still waiting for the Swift Spectral Tiger.

That is exactly what I said.

How about you guys tune pvp a bit?

Multi million dollar company can’t help out with that?

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That’s exactly what you asked, he was just pointing out the absurdity of your attempt to be edgy.



You call that a table flip.

This is a table flip


I don’t use amazone anymore. same stuff same brand but amazone deals $20 and temu sells $2… I tried prime only for WoW a few months but mostly items they provide for WoW is not really interested. That frost tarbard is looking a way way too old and not interested anymore as well.

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Good. I take immense pleasure in watching scalpers suffer.

Were you going to ride that thrill forever? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Most people do, myself included.

Claimed it, but still haven’t recieved it in game. Prime shows it being claimed also :thinking:

Have you tried exiting the game and logging back in? If you are still logged in, I mean. That’s what it took for mine to appear.

Seems items like this that have been removed from the game or are no longer obtainable are just going to be handed out now.