Priest mobility

Just going to spit ball a few ideas here. Priest mobility has got to be the worst in the game, right next to our paladin brothers.

In a game full of mobility playing a class that has to waddle from point A to point B is becoming less and less fun. We rely on warlock gateways and dragons in raid to assist us to get to us where we need to go.

In pvp our sprint talents are only good until we get hit by a random slow, to which there is a bunch.

Now with nerfs to our M+ damage we need to be able to set up well in advance while the tank is pulling or we lose a ton of value.

Ideas: all of these to take the place of Body and soul in the talent tree.
reverse life grip
door of shadows
mind swap : change locations with your shadow fiend / mind bender.

It’s time. Two of these have already been in the game priest wasn’t broken because of them.


i miss DoS. and would love to see it come back


i have been complaining about priest mobility since DF launch. it’s not too bad for PvE even though it still kinda is, but in PvP its gawd awful. I’ve seen many of priest gripped and slowed by DK’s across a BG and drug under water and drowned… There is no other class in the game that a DK can do that to.


You have goblin jump if goblin and i suggest you do. You can take body and soul. You take feathers and engi nitro boosts. done :slight_smile:

I think Priests should get Warrior’s Heroic Leap.

Now hear me out. Instead of jumping into the air like the Incredible Hulk and smashing superhero style on the ground–

Priests would grow huge angel wings and wherever we put the ground targeting reticle, we would fly in an arc to the location on the ground we selected. I’m not certain about the cooldown for this spell or how many charges it might be allowed (whether it be just 1 or 2). Maybe it would be a 30 second to a minute cooldown/recharge spell.

It would kind of be like Mercy from Overwatch essentially except instead of needing a friendly target to use it, I’d prefer a ground reticle to be able to use it when I was solo as well.

(Blizzard if you read this please use this suggestion I beg you <3)


Priest mobility only becomes a problem when they design raid bosses that require leaps or have knockbacks that can throw you off ledges. This was a problem last season with Mythic Raz because on the 3rd and beyond waves you got flung off the ledge if you didn’t get Rescued. This raid tier hasn’t had any bosses like this thankfully.

Priests aren’t slow nor are they fast. They can outrun a lot of classes in a straight line contest because you have near persistent 30% movement speed bonuses you can channel. It’s not like playing a Paladin where you literally just have the horse and then you’re running on foot for 30s.

For PvP they’ve always made Priests immobile, but tanky. That’s why you have Focused Will.

Personally I wouldn’t mind Vault of the Heavens, but they’d end up nerfing it to the ground making it only usable like 1-2 times a boss fights.

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pvp wise,

It wouldn’t be bad having melee on you 247 if there wasn’t so much cc.
Stun, snare, spell lock, knock up, freeze, disoriented, poly, force silence.
The tankyness solution for casters is so bad design for pvp imo.



having two forms of a sprint are the only reason for this. There’s no need for both of these to exist at the same time.

  • Along with the fact that in pvp the moment you get hit by a slow the speed is over with. Which is a serious problem.
  • As doing super high keys there’s no way for a Spriest to be able to keep up with the pace of chain pulling tanks.
  • And while this tier there is no Raz Boss knockback, it doesn’t change the fact that it feels awful to be a liability because you’re unable to do mechanics by playing 100% properly.

We don’t need movement speed, we need displacement. Which is always why I’d like to see Reverse grip come back, you’re no longer able to yoink a teammate but can self move at least so its tit-for-tat. But all three of the thing’s I’ve suggested would be 100% better than current situation.


I can get behind this. Would be fun. I think you couple that with reverse lfe grip

Priest mobility is HORRIBLE. There’s no reason things should be so bad. DK’s and paladins have better tools for moving in combat by a lot. Feather used to be 70% and it’s now so slow it’s basically not noticeable. How are there classes like druids and shamans that can just constantly move at the same speed as feather and then also have other mobility tools?

Things like druids, monks, dh, evoker can zoom around the world and for some reason priests have nothing. There’s no justification for it.

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On top of the fact that we’re the only 2 healer specializations in the game that have zero access to a “kick” ability.

Shining Force needs to come back as a choice node with Void Tendrils at the very least. Or make Void Tendrils work like Mass Entanglement so I can use it at range to help my team.

I also really don’t like it how our biggest CC (Psychic Scream) is a melee ranged fear, meanwhile other healers have so much utility baked into their class trees. They could maybe give us Mind Bomb back— even as a choice node with Psychic Scream if they really must. I just prefer being at range as much as possible.


Priests are balanced around Pvp foremost than Pve which is the reality of the situation. Historically Disc and RMP have been very popular for a decade plus.

If Holy got silence for example you could chastise stun into psychic scream then silence into mind control. So that’s why they won’t give us a silence. You can literally lock another player out for 15s.

Same deal with shining force. On alot of arena and bg maps you can punt people off into Narnia or into death.

Then you got vault of heavens which gives you a leap around corners to avoid getting killed.

So that’s why we aren’t given nice things in PvE. We’re held back by pvp. :melting_face:

It only becomes a problem in PvE when they design boss fights where having a leap or teleport is a huge benefit. We’re also more mobile than last expansion because we can take two speed boosts.

Just it feels bad that I have to rely on other people to actually move around.

door of shadows.
reverse grip loses some great utility to get a high cd intervene, it sucks

just give shadow door of shadows, highly thematic and not OP


Highly thematic for Shadow Priests maybe, but definitely not for the other 2 healing specs!

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I really don’t know why it didn’t stay.

Door of Shadows… how does that NOT fit shadow priest? Change the color to purple and bam


You guys are crazy, I miss Soulshape! I loved that button so much.

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i think soul shape really a priest like ability flavor wise, its why i think DoS should have stayed to priest class at least on a thematic level it made sense.

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Are you talking about PvP? As a paladin main, I think two charges of horse + blessing of freedom is actually some of the better mobility in the game, for PvE. Priests get three feathers and a shield speed boost.

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Almost useless in pvp. You are perma slowed as priest and a fade removal every 20+ seconds isn’t doing anything. Shadow also get disperion but disc/holy are quite screwed.


that’s why I specifically addressed that possibility