Priest Melee/Tank Rune

I know its Season of Discovery and all that but are Priests getting a tank spec or melee DPS spec? Homunculi is so clunky for a caster cause the slivers of your soul only engage if you attack with melee or get attacked with melee. Please save me some time and also just rip the bandaid off now if I cant get Melee/Tank Priest.

I don’t know about either of those. I’d expect an ‘Avenger’ dual wield Paladin Rune before I could imagine a Priest Tank/Melee DPS Rune. It could be a kind of Cleric, I would imagine, but I also think if they intended of doing that they might have started off with it in Phase 1 as they did with Warlock, Rogue, and Shaman.

The whole purpose to those three getting tanking Runes was to expand the tank pool so where would be more likely people who can tank. Not sure if they would be keen on reducing, in some fashion, the pool of healers (despite Shaman tanking that is)

Tank/Melee priest was a OG concept but they ran out of time and released WoW before it was completed.

Here you go buddy: Priest Tank . SoD - Caperfin - Dungeon Priest Tank
If you have any questions, let me know.

There’s a Priest Tank Discord, if you’re interested: