Priest changes awful and lazy

Whoever oversees spriest needs to be moved to another class. It’s clear they don’t main a caster dps. Would bet a wow token they main a healer, tank, or melee dps.

These changes suck. Two fails reworks in the same expansion, and you got Publik a well know pve theorycrafter suggesting a 3rd rework, it’s so bad.

These changes are all wrong and incredibly lazy.

Spriest cooldowns are already lame and don’t feel exciting to play. Dark ascension, voidform, shadowfiend. Either make this spell priest only or cut the benefit/duration by 50% on whoever receives it.

Probably the worst change. Why can’t you just make things more immune to dispel? Instead of destroying the spell thru multiple spell and talent nerfs. In pvp this helps separate bad, and good players. Making it a pvp talent is dumb, we’re already restricted on pvp talents.

Maybe bad players are complaining about this? It already takes an hour to get 3 DP to cast. Plus the window to get these off is limited in pvp.

Also blizz please look at the other following issues that needs to be addressed ;


The mass dispel change in particular annoys me because they could easily adjust M+ to need less dispels.

They’re nerfing priests because they designed M+ poorly.

M+ should not have mechanics that only have one answer. There should not be encounters that require a priest and are unbeatable without one. That’s a bad dungeons design, NOT a sign priests are overpowered


Honestly I don’t care much for MD or PI as long as we are balanced around the lack of them (if they were outright removed). But the surge change is ridiculous. The only time things felt REALLY fast was during voidform + PI, as soon as the PI dropped off things started slowing down again. It was so nice rarely having to cast regular mindflay and almost always having the nice big proc and a steady flow of resource gen and spending… I hate this change and I don’t want to use mindspike in order to preserve the now more rare and stronger proc. I was perfectly content to cancel a surged mindflay because I would have another one right after. Now cancelling it is going to be disastrous. I don’t want to not use mindflay on shadow but this hurts.

At 2 minutes for cooldown they may as well just remove Mass Dispel. What is the point of this spell anymore? It’s just going to sit in the spellbook or on some tucked away action bar like Mind Vision (can’t wait till all the bad WoW players start calling for that to be removed like everything else they are crying about wanting removed on the priest kit). Mass Dispel isn’t some kind of offensive ability when you’re running dungeons. Again, Blizzard needs to bring back some brains at the top and start making decisions that make sense. It’s clear whoever was put in charge of priests is either inept or being overruled by someone higher up (who is inept).

As for shadow, anyone still clinging to hope in 10.2 is deluding themselves. Either unsubscribe or re-roll because Blizzard has decided SPriest is finished for the rest of this expansion pack.