Prev evoker is trash now "hot take" Not

Sorry, deleted it lol

Are you watching Bankmw? He’s a beast and fun to watch. I just started my MW couple days ago and AM TERRIBLE at fistweaving but i’m learning. Also hard to do with all honor gear but now has almost capped conq. struggling low rss but learning and trying not to panic as a FW

I’m watching him and he is insanely good, I don’t think its fair to say Fistweaving is the same as a disc because the skill difference is immense.

NEVER said it’s the same. Disc is busted right now BECAUSE the damage but I’m saying MW isn’t bad and for rss i Think Fistweaving is actually insane. With no Gear i was pulling 30-40k hps while keeping around 10-20k dps depending on what i fight … I’m learning also and those numbers will get better.

I’ll have to try it out, I think after 10.0.7 it could be really fun with the instant cast EM,

Also on my point I’ve been 2.1k as prev but now I can’t break 1900 I mean I can if I really tried but I’d rather play mw because it feels better basically, Prev is in a bad place I know it was fun to hate on prev for a while too some heat of Rdruid but Prev is really not good.



It’s not S tier anymore but still a A tier healer. We will have to agree to disagree.

I’ll give you B tier, I’d put Rshaman in A tier disc/hpal/rdruid S tier and MW A tier / FW S tier if you can pull it off.

It’s fun when i don’t forget to Cocoon or drop my port lol

Exactly Holy you see my point, like my spiritbloom doesn’t even heal for 100k any more like that’s pathetic. They heard people no offense like “cub” and just nerfed it because hey new guy on block kinda thing make everyone else happy.

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Of course you are going to think prev evoker is trash when you literally dont have 4 set

You are literally doing 25% less healing without the 4 set

Yeah Idk if I wanna tank my cr to try it I mean I’m a WW main, but I like to play heals for fast queues.

It’s that huge?

I don’t have four set…


I’m just doing it for the mog. I got rdruid and disc priest mog, want monk and probably shaman next. Maybe lock

Ok that’s fair actually, kind of sucks I have to farm tier to play it but I’m following you.

ya i was watching cdew play shuffle at 3100mmr and living flame is his number 1 heal in half his rounds.

Even before the expansion came out people on beta were saying that prev before and after 4 set is a completely different class

even more so now that living flame got a 30% buff lmao

I’m saying bad words, as I pray for better vault RNG.

Then if this is the case I retract my statements.

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Eh, does Disc require 4 set to be good? What’s Disc like after it gets 4 set or whatever set is optimal?

Does anyone know if the tier set creation thingy works for PvP gear? If so, does the PvP gear keep the attribute to scale to 424 ilevel in PvP? Are the items buggy?

Looks like only 2set is required