Pres Vs Mistweaver

When it comes down to selecting which class I wanna play I always have the hardest time even having my friends telling me “Choose one and stick with it” but that’s my problem… Anyways been wanting to narrow down a healer for S3 and considering between these two classes.

Our goal is to push M+ keys. I originally pushed my Evoker a lot earlier this season because we didn’t have a lust class in the group but since my friend has rerolled in a BM Hunter he can bring lust so I feel like I can roll something other than Evoker now…

Which is easier to heal on?
Better for most group comps?
Better survivability?

This will be for PvE.

Push M+…define Push? your current Keys suggest play what you like more. Any Key below 20 class comes in very little to play…Any Healer would be fine.

Although, Pres will likely be better…more utility more damage, and more choices in Comp.


Pres seems to have far less mana issues and more utility as well as BL/hero.

As a past monk main, MW have been having some issues in keys, but as said above unless you’re sights are on pushing 20+ keys either will be fine.

I just personally pick preservation over current MW 100%


Depends on build. In a pure throughput scenario Monk, but in a M+ context Evoker because the build that does the most damage in M+ is easier to heal with for Evoker than for Monk but the pure healing monk build is way easier healing than the pure healing evoker build

Evoker - Only because lust and brez is such a big checkbox. If both of these are never an issue, then monk actually brings more to the table. (Mystic Touch + DRs / Mass Dispell / Crazy Interrupts / Zone Control)


This is my evoker and my monk main is Psychi-Mal’ganis

Unfortunately MW has severe community perception issues and a lack of understanding of MW kit.
Its a meme to rag on MW even when its actually pretty decent.

Makes PUGing take a little longer but if you are good at building IO you can still get into most groups until above 21 it gets pretty hard to get into pugs

Since you are playing with friends it shouldnt be as big of a deal so long as you are competent with monk.

Damage is comparable but Evoker does maybe slightly more damage than monk (5-10%) - However, Monk also boosts all melee damage by 5% so you gotta keep that in mind. (They also have a 4% DR aura, 8% increased healing aura)

On utility side of things, outside of Evoker bringing heroism, it has waaaaay less utility than monk. Evoker has long interrupt CD, and its AoE knock up effect requires melee range but you are not in melee as Evoker compared to monk’s AoE melee stun.

Monk has crazy CC potential, I have usually 3-4x the interrupts of everyone else and I dont think details keeps track of disruptive interrupts (Paralysis/Ring of Peace/Leg Sweep to stop a noninterruptable spell). Also their survivability is great.
Dampen Harm, Ironskin Brew are 2 great DRs, Life Cocoon and Chi Cocoon are 2 great absorbs. You can send magic debuffs back to the caster (essentially giving you a self dispel and small dmg boost), which makes things like bursting a lot easier because you can dispel yourself and 1 other party member.
Even if on a 3 min CD, revival has mass dispel component as well.

Ring of Peace. This spell is literally one of the most fun spells in the game. You can get so much value out of it (Knock things out of sanguine, knock a straggling caster into the melee clump, knock mobs against a wall repeatedly, keep the shades away from ranged dps, keep the frogs away from ranged dps, stop the fixating mobs from killing your ranged dps in BH, so many uses)

Overall, I feel like I had way less control as evoker even if healing is slightly easier and a little more damage. Totally different playstyles. Both fun, monk maybe more fun in my opinion but definitely a little moer stressful. Being a melee healer is challenging especially with the false community perception issues.

Ok, thats a bit much and not true.
You are overlooking a lot of what Pres can do.

Okay so can you maybe elaborate instead of just making an unsupported claim?

Outside of like 4% Stam buff (which frequently gets overwritten by the movement speed buff due to talent),

Evoker has:
-long CD interrupt
-tail swipe / sweep
-poison dispell
-Zephyr Thing (this actually I forgot to mention is very valuable, 20% AoE DR)
-time dilation
-Reset movement ability for team members
-a root (which has very little use in this meta)
-Scales personal

What else am I missing? (I’m likely missing some effects)
I’m not bashing evoker here just helping the OP make an informed decision

Comparably speaking that’s smaller utility (assuming heroism is taken care of) in my eyes than:

-Dampen Harm personal
-Ironskin Brew personal
-Revert Magic personal
-Chi Cocoon party wide external
-Life Cocoon external
-Short CD interrupt
-Paralysis long CD disrupt interrupt
-Leg Sweep AoE stun
-Ring of Peace Zone Control
-Tiger’s Lust root dispel (useful for things like Rat Traps in FH which deal huge DOT but is a physical root effect so Tiger’s Lust will dispel it; also useful for giving speed boost to party members)
-Mass Dispel
-4% passive AoE DR
-8% healing aura
-5% melee damage aura

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preservation doesn’t bring 4% stamina
mistweaver doesn’t have ironskin brew
hi cocoon isn’t really an external any more than temporal anomaly is
preservation can also bring bleed dispel, offensive enrage dispel, sleep walk, and has renewing blaze as a personal in addition to having higher base armor and talented health
brought up life cocoon and revival for mistweaver, but skipped emerald communion and rewind


Yea i guess it depends on if you define those as throughput or utility. Absorbs imo considered utility because it can prevent death.

Rewind is just throughput not really utility, Emerald Communion kinda in the same boat. Neither of these abilities really utility.

Ironskin Brew, my bad

Even worse. You can see that I said I am probably missing some things

This is good information for OP.
Bleed dispel not really relevent in meta though, sleep walk okay but i dont think its good utility. Sure its a disrupt but its on a cast time unlike paralysis which is instant.
This means you have to be way faster with sleep walk to try and land a disrupt interrupt compared to just pressing paralysis instantly

Renewing Blaze personal needs to be included but also its not that great without the 4s talent (definitely not a good reactive personal, having to know so far in advance when burst damage is going to happen to you)

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I feel like MW has more button bloat if that’s of any issue to you. I find that Evoker CDs are better for dungeons in general (though Revival has some particularly clutch moments to be sure and the difference is a lot smaller with Sheillun’s Gift now), but MW is far better for spot healing and on-the-fly improvisation as Prevoker combos take a bit of setup to achieve optimally.


The only thing I don’t like about Preservation is the empower of spells. I feel like I’m a sitting duck in dungeons sometimes trying to empower a heal.

I don’t think Prevokers have it worse than any other healer in terms of being a sitting duck, though, since aside from needing to plant for empowered spells, the rest of the kit is instant besides Temporal Anomaly (and Living Flame, which is barely ever used for healing).

That’s probably where I am playing Preservation wrong then because I spam Temporal Anomaly and Living Flame a lot.

Living Flame is good for adding damage- particularly because you can turn the Essence Burst procs into more healing. But a lot of Preservation in dungeons is preparing for damage with Echo, keeping Reversions up, etc. That helps carry you when Dream Breath/Spritbloom are on CD. Also you can Echo Verdant Embrace onto multiple party members too and turn a single target heal into a group heal. If I’m ever casting Living Flame as a heal, it usually means that everything else is on CD (or I have to save something for a damage event very soon).

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That’s all I was saying, in my Unsupported claim which you believe is true? Didnt think I would have to Bust out the spell book and read off the abilities.

You are also Forgetting about Rescue, besides moving someone out of Harm…when you pair it with Twin Guardian it puts a Decent Damage Bubble on yourself and the Target.

And while Not a Common Practice and Very Niche, there is the possibility of an AOE mass dispel with Stasis and Cauterizing Flames.

Now you rattled off Hero/Kick/Aoe Knockup like that all Pres has…

Sorry thought I replied back to this. My definition of “push” would be around the 18-20’s range as 18 has been the highest key I’ve ever done.

Class doesn’t matter then.

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This, literally play what’s fun if this is your content.

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How many times are you gonna make this thread? MW is basically nowhere to be found in keys for a reason.
It has a great toolkit but hard to master in m+. It’s the squishiest healer I would say. It doesn’t have lust or brez. Nobody ever invites mw.
I’ve never healed on evoker but it sounds to me like you should just play hpal

18-20s are still low keys though. You could play a mw with the most backwards weird build and be fine if you know the dungeon mechanics, the class is by no means a barrier in this key range

If you’re stuck on 18-20 on mw then just go paladin and you can probably do 22’s already

Thank you for the response about Mistweaver. As far as making this thread so many times I think I’ll make it as many times as I would like and unless you are paying my sub fee in which you are not then I am free to post whatever I want.

Good day.

Okay so you’re likely a 13 year old. My apologies I should’ve realized.