Prepatch FPS is terrible!

Before prepatch my fps was around 60 with my settings on 5/10 now my recommended settings with prepatch is all the way at 1 /10 and I can’t get anything over 25 fps. My setup isn’t exacty the “latest and greatest” but it’s certainly not a toaster lol it’s 8gb of ram and AMD radeon R5 gpu and AMD A8-7410 r5 cpu. Does anyone who knows more about this stuff know if my gear is just really outdated and need to upgrade or is something wrong in game? Also I have updated all of my drivers, I’m not running any addons, and my vsync is off.

Hi Atoma

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Link isn’t working - got a private paste message first try. 404 Error the second.

Ok I think it will work now

As you may know the notebooks processor and onboard graphics are far below Shadowland requirements. Those requirements came with the patch. There may be some hope. Blizzard is working on something to help older systems. Check this thread:

One other option is Wow Classic - you should have no issue with that game. (All I ever play these days)

I actually found a fix for this for users that have a dx12 it will default to that in the
advanced settings. You get an option for dx11 legacy, dx11, and dx12. I changed it to dx11 and now I get 30-40fps it’s not pretty but it’s playable lol!

Thank you yeah definitely time to upgrade lol

30-40 is playable. I was travelling at one time and had a Surface Pro4. It would get around 40 which was okay for general play.

You might check apps running in background. Type startup apps in windows search box. Turn off what you can there. Do the same with background apps.
Keep the machine running lean and mean.

Try disabling Vertical Sync.