Premades suck. Fix the game

Blizzard also announced they weren’t making classic.

You hold onto that hope, friend.

People surely wouldn’t keep doing things that never work.

Yeah they should definitely make a forced random team version of each bg and bring back voice over IP. The sweatlords can vs. each other all day. Which they won’t want to do so the main way to BG will be pugs – as it should be. Premaking exploiting queues should be bannable in that version of BG.

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If the random “team” isn’t going to act as a team, what do you suggest he do to correct that? Like, force them to cooperate? Do you folks even read what you are typing?
PvP in WoW is a complete joke. Better to just not bother, or …

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Probably should q with friends. Wow is a multiplayer game


Counter-strike is a multiplayer game.

Counter strike is also not an RPG

Exactly. And some people like roleplaying a lone wolf in an RPG

Well that’s fine, but classic wow is labeled an MMO-RPG. Contact with other players is guaranteed, and there are no lone wolf battlegrounds

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Sure, massive multiplayer online roleplaying game. Roleplaying a lone wolf among a massive amount of other players.

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Retail WoW is very good for playing as a lone wolf. You should try that.

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Classic era is great for not being a lone wolf. You should try that.

For real I might go back to one of my characters on Classic Era at some point and do their Friday BGs or whatever but for now, I’m having fun with this.

Your topic isn’t getting a ton of support.

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Seems like you are more of a lone wolf than me. Since you like single player games

Things that are true aren’t popular.

By entering a wsg you are agreeing to the terms of the game. That is 10v10. Not 9+(1?) v 10. Which is what you are trying to tell me battlegrounds are

Yeah it should be a 10v10 with two groups that aren’t premades.


“Should”, implying your humble opinion, but no where in blizzard text has this stated otherwise

It should state it in blizzard text.

But it isn’t, so we can stop talking about it now I think