Preferred MMO mouse?

Just curious what the preference is for those people who use a MMO mouse. I’ve been using a Logitech G600 for a long time now, and I find it very helpful in other games as well, but I also read good things about the Razer Naga and Corsair MMO mice.

Similar experience with the above poster.
Had a razer naga for about a year before double clicking which eventually just broke. Went through so many loops just to get an RMA going. They “upgraded” me to the wireless variant.

Eventually just swapped to a Logitech g703 and never looked back. It’s not a mmo mouse and definitely had its problems. But Logitech just sent an RMA replacement without having me send mine in and this was done in less than a week (pre-COVID) same mouse going strong after 2 years now.

Also worth noting that since you’ve probably gotten used to the G600, I don’t think your experience with the other manufacturers’ MMO mice (be it from Corsair, Razer, Redragon, etc.) will be that much different. Some may be better for your hand and vice versa but I’d say it’s a pretty negligible ‘amount’ of experience to warrant the purchase of another tool that does the same thing as another tool that you already have and are very much used to.

Unless you’ve got the bling to spare - then by all means, do as you wish.

Thanks for the comments! I’ll definitely be sticking with the G600 going forward - it works great for me, and based on the feedback, don’t see any reason to change.

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G600 here as well, i’ve been a fan of Logitech for years as their software has never bugged out on me. Corsair and Razer i’ve had major malfunctions with so i’ve stayed with Logitech since and haven’t regretted any purchases from them

The same Mouse I have used for years that has all my attacks on my mouse accessible with my thumb. Razer Nagga

imo the right mouse is more important than the right keyboard. keep looking till you find the right one. i think i went through four or five

unless a mouse feels wrong from the get go i recommend giving each a few days trial to really determine whether its right for you

that said while i like my reddragon keyboard their instructions are atrocious, so i don’t recommend their mouses based on that

For what it’s worth, I’ve used a Razer Naga Hex MOBA mouse for years and been happy with it. The Razer Trinity is another nice go-to if you like the option to switch out the thumb panel for more/less buttons.

For keyboard, I’ve been using a Cherry MX Board 6.0 for years and it’s the best keyboard I’ve ever had. Got some flak from my wife when I bought it, though, but I’m sure it (or its newer incarnation) is cheaper now.

Used a naga for a while then it went to crap.

Got a cheap Redragon gaming mouse for 35 bucks and it works far better than the naga and has been more dependable

I’m in the market to get a MMO mouse as well. Currently using a Razer DeathAdder.

The Naga looks nice, but after hearing so many problems from you all… I’m hesitant on it now. Was literally getting ready to go to Wal-Mart and buy it in the next 30 minutes, lol.

From what I hear, the first few iterations of the Naga were probably the most durable as there are people who still play with them to this day. The most recent ones seem to have a lot of QC issues - my Naga Trinity gonked on me with double-click and sensor issues after 4 months. Bought a G600 and blamed myself for wasting money on the Naga Trinity when I could’ve gotten this in the first place.

Never cared too much about mouses, as long as it’s comfortable and normal, but…

I got this mouse from CyberPowerPC, it was a promo I got for only $5 damn nearly free, for purchasing a computer with them… got an amazing keyboard that price as well, but the mouse is called…

CyberPowerPC Elite M1 131 RGB 7-Color w/ 9 Button, adjustable Weight & lighting effects Gaming Mouse [+5]

it’s pretty freaking good, especially for WoW. I usually don’t care about extra buttons on a mouse, but in this case, I press the side botton, and my character automatically walks without pressing keys… so it’s a lot better than not having one. I’m sure there’s better mouses out there though… but anything similar to that or any typical gaming mouse that ain’t cheap I can recommend.
Nothing too cheap, cause I had a mouse and keyboard I think their brand was coolermaster… came together, and both messed up overtime, especially the mouse… I found a really good mouse for only $10 though, not all cheap mouses suck, don’t know the name of that one.