Predominant 10/12M after rebuild - LF 3-4 RDPS for our Mythic core

Guild: Predominant
Server: Illidan (Horde)
Raid Times: Tue-Wed 8-11 EST / Thu 8-11 EST added during Prog in SL (Raid times may be pushed back 30 minutes for SL)
Progression: 10/12M
Website: predominantguild(.)org

Who We Are

Predominant is a mostly adult raiding guild that was started in WOTLK and has been around with many goals and iterations since. Our current goal and into Shadowlands will be to maximize the amount of progress possible given our scheduled raid times. We have the expectations that everyone is being fully prepared as you directly impact 19+ other players time and progress within the game by your performance and preparation. Our goals going into the first tier of Shadowlands will be Top 500 US and then Pushing to Top 300 or better come second tier and maintain those standards beyond.

How Our Raids Work

We will be running a 24-26 man roster throughout Shadowlands, with M+ players, guild members, and friends to help fill out Heroic Week. We will have a dedicated out-of-raid (Unless toon is necessary) Raid Leader to focus solely on calls and pushing progression as fast as possible within our time limits. We strongly encourage and very much appreciate communicating buffs/positions/mechanics during pulls that will help out or that the raid lead is not calling. We tend to be a fairly relaxed and social group during farm and while trash is clearing or inbetween pulls that don’t require fixes/instructions. We want our raids to have a fun atmosphere and be enjoyable while having that serious level of progression along with it.

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for raiders who have previous higher end mythic progression experience and are willing and able to play multiple characters for their role. Raid spots will be competitive, and we will be bringing in the best 20 people for every single boss during progression (and getting everyone their kills once things are on farm). One of the biggest things that can make or break a player, no matter how good, is making sure you are showing up on time, fully prepared and understanding of what the plans are for that night. The communication is consistent throughout discord of what the plans are, and Officers are constantly available to discuss things during the off hours.

How To Contact Us

Applications can be put in through Discord @
Battle Net Contacts
Gooeymilk#11543 - Guild Master
Hazardous#1662 - Raid Leader

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Looking for more! Please have logs and experience.

3/12 M exp. Currently re-rolling Shaman. (was a Balanced druid) Still need to farm corruption/ cloak level but I’m competent.


You play Elemental by chance or just Restoration?

I play ele primarily. Missing rank 15 cloak and corruptions though. (Just re-rolled) Dps is only 50k sustained right now. Since the drop rate of corruption seems higher on m+ was just gonna spam and pray to rng.

@Zerothunder Add me to real ID and lets talk. I have been trying to find you online but you haven’t been online when I am on. My BTAG is Tinyturd#11434

Looking for DPS!

Big deeeps

6/12m as of last night. Need a few more solid and reliable ranged dps.

Big massive deeps

Gigantic deeps required

Huge deepers

SL Spots being earned all the time.

Meter beaters required

Know how to hit things that need to die.

Looking for the SL Homies. If your resume is good enough put in that app

Need the deeps

Large deeps needed

Need DPS add me to BTAG Gooeymilk#11543

In need of more