Pre-Purchase Dragonflight Now!

That’s why I predicted that wow will get mothballed and used for its art assets. Also doesn’t actiblizz own their own NOCS? That hardware could be used to run any part of microsoft’s games.

Mount, Pets and Transmog.

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No, show me it will be a good expansion first by the Beta and then I will concider buying.

I wont throw money blindly, and the fact it’s being rushed now turns me off even more.

How so? You can use the mount, pet, and boost now.

What was it we could use in prior expansions that we can’t now?


sooo at the risk of upsetting all the haters, it would be amazing if a blue could respond the following:
will we get refunds for the digital purchase after we apply the collectors edition like with shadowlands? whats the time window for this? will we get bnet credit or a refund to our cards?
as soon as we get this info im pulling the trigger i lost all my collectors editions after a move and want to start building it again

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This… worries me. Like, am I happy we’re getting it this year? Sure. But… it’s almost July.

Prepatch PTRs always last ~2 months. The prepatch has always lasted ~4-6 weeks.

This means, if they follow the past precedence, 10.0 will be hitting the PTR in late August/early September.

Which means, assuming Beta starts early July, that’s only 2 months of beta to test before they start testing the pre-patch, which also includes all the dragonflight stuff? And overall it’s 4 months of beta, and that’s if it starts in July?

Which also makes me wonder, seeing as that’s 2 months away - if Season 4 is going to launch with 10.0, rather than in SL.

EDIT: To clarify - I do not doubt the expansion will be ready by then - Blizzard made it clear they would not release it until they felt it was ready even if it was next year. However, this is so little time to hear player feedback from beta, etc. Something Blizzard claimed they would try to start listening to.


For the first time ever I will not be pre ordering DF. There is not enough development or at least shown to be worth it. Jury still out on this one. I need more before I am settled

And? CoD is delayed, D4 was never going to make it, Immortal is an embarrassment that will probably not make back its development costs, and they’re talking about reviving frickin’ Skylanders. Then of course there’s Kingsoft, but that’s a known quantity with limited potentital for growth beyond its current model.

Losing 40% of the value of my eighty billion dollar investment before it’s even in my hands would not be something I considered “slightest.”

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No. Nope. Dont like that.

< 6 months left of the year and you guys are going to bum rush another garbage expac after BFA disaster that rolled into SL? hard pass.

no alpha yet no beta either. not enough info out on full gameplay of dracthyr/evoker class not to mention how badly they look. dragons are cool. dracthyr look like gender neutral androgynous freaks with wings.

just like how terribly worgen looked originally with catas release.

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I really love the mount, it’s so cool and has a unique animation. It’s a shame they continuously put special mounts like this in the store and don’t put nearly the same effort to in game mounts. I hope there are mounts just as cool as this coming in DF that you can actually earn in game. Really tired of paid mounts being cooler than what we can get ourselves.

yeah, already pending on the card. placing a 5 month hold until it ships seems unnatural - so I’m going to assume it’s already charged.

There’s more to this Microsoft intervention than meets the eye. I read a small blurp a bit back about how the California State employee pension fund was heavily invested in actiblizz.

That pension fund was already upside down when actiblizz went to under 60 bucks from a high of 90 in a short period of time. Part of the motivation to make the offer may have been keeping those retired folks from losing their pension fund entirely.

The only way on god’s great earth I would pre purchase this if :

  1. it includes a original dragonflight t shirt from blizzard
    2.the musical score cd
  2. a full map of azeroth including dragonflight areas. action figure
    5.1 year of playtime sub. Ok maybe not a whole year but at least 6 months playtime card.
    6.and a snail mount.(which) right now is not obtainable in game.

Give me that and I will pre order if not I have no problem waiting…I’m a patient person

Yes. I’m pre-ordering this tomorrow.

They’ve shown off next to no content at all. But everyone here is acting like the game just might not come out at all, lol.

I’m going to be playing DF. Like, that’s a 100% plan. I have no reason not to continue playing it. If the expansion comes out and its trash then I’ll evaluate it then, but I’m still going to try it out regardless if they show any more content or not.

So why not preorder it? Lol.


According to the article you get a credit added to your balance and you have until Dec. 31, 2023. More details are at the end of the article.

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Question: Will the physical editions code restore a balance on Bnet accounts if we pre-purchased the digital edition prior?

Request: Can we make the ‘Wings of Awakening’ a bit longer / less shriveled? I was expecting something along the lines of the wings you get from the animation use from the ‘Fangs of the Father’ that rogues get.

Thoughts: Tangled Dreamweaver & Murkastrasza look 10 / 10 ! :star_struck:

It looks like Alexstrazsa turned in to Doctor Frank N Furter. Did she get access to hip and chest sliders, because she looks less stacked.

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no drak on prepatch bonus? does that mean prepatch baseline will have drak without preorder?

I’m really not liking that preorder doesn’t include prepatch drak unlock. not really a point to pre-purchase for like 70% of the player base who doesn’t care about mounts, pets or a single transmog head piece that will look weird on the new race. lol

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NO. first time in my life I’m not pre ordering a WoW game.

Blizzard is just rushing it so they can get easy money. We don’t even have an alpha yet. I’ll wait and my guts tell me this is gonna be another Shadowlands. Unfinished and broken game.