Pre-Patch Confirmation - Now Brewfest?

With today’s Pre-Patch confirmation date of 8/30, the next thing we need to know is which iteration of Brewfest we’ll get. The lvl 70 version or will they extend/postpone Brewfest so we get the lvl 80 version?

I think its safe to assume you will only be getting the level 70 items.


Yeah i cant see them doing that, those trinkets were meant to be catch up 1yr after wrath og launch.

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100% agree. But they have been known to extend events, and even extended Brewfest before. These trinkets would save badges, but yes, they should be used as a catchup mechanic. Blizzard always finds a way to amaze us though…(Good and bad)

The brewfest date was IN the announcement. Obviously only going to be old level 70 items. It’s not a waste though. Still an opportunity to get mounts, infinite use beer keg, or whatever else you want.

“I can bet with a 90% certainty that we will get the 80’s version.”
-You can but it’s a bad bet. Everything you’re saying about the code is hogwash btw. You have no idea which version is being used for brewfest. It could be newer 80 code or it could be the same 70 code from crusade. Get back to us when Blizzard reveals it.

I can bet with a 90% certainty that we will get the 80’s version.
Why? because the old tbc version doesn’t exist anymore in the code, we will be in patch 3.4 meaning all events are coded to be in their lich king state.

I’m so certain about it that I’ll ask brian right now and I’ll laugh in ya’ll face when he answers that I’m right

You literally have no idea how the coding in this game works do you?


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If you don’t know about coding my sweet little troll please don’t post in here

Then stop posting, and I am a night elf. Not a troll, blind and ignorant as always.

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Wow, people still think this? This was proven wrong over and over again.


My sweet little maggot, show me you degree in cs , I bet you can’t

lmao you quite literally don’t need a degree in CS to code. Plenty of people work at google without it, along with numerous other companies.

I’m also not the one doesn’t understand dynamic gating.

If you had a CS degree you would know something so basic you learn it in starter courses.

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Right so you don’t have any degrees associated with programming whatsoever. When you do get one, then you can actually talk to me, pleb.

Clearly your degree isn’t worth anything because you can’t understand something you learn in the 101 course to make basic apps.

Talk about cringe.

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Talk about being a sweet little maggot :frowning:
No worries my sweet little maggot, when brian answers me soon enough I’ll have proof to rub it on your little maggot face and laugh at you

I mean you do realize that wowhead pulls directly from the DB right?

It’s 70, just like your IQ

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behold! the Community Blizzard wants to desperately save by removing RDF.


Yall two need to just go ahead and make out already, this is getting cringe.


No worries, I’ll save this post and come back here when either Brian answers my tweet or when we actually get to the event and see that’s 80’s loot :frowning: It’s going to be much fun to be right and you looking like a dumas

Brewfest Version - #29 by Kaivax
They said it’s 70. Feeling stupid yet? By all means continue trying to tell us that it can’t possibly still be 70 because of programming code.

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