Pre-Cata Glory days. 1000+ players heading to same classic server for balance factions and high pop

The days have long past when Stormreaver was a lively server with world pvp where neither side had an advantage. Back when stormreaver was high population, and had a vary healthy faction balance. I miss those beautiful days.

The classic WoW server list has not been given yet, but we are expected to see the server names and types soon. Even without having this list I have gathered over 1000 players for classic world of warcraft to all head to the same server on launch to bring the server to high population, and balance the factions.

I remember the good old days, and I know we cam relive them. it may be on a different server, but the spirit will be the same. Join my prelaunch group, and bring your friends. We will play world of warcraft again the way it was meant to be played, With both factions with a healthy population.

If facebook is best for you and your friends.