Power word: radiance (PWR) idea (discipline

I was thinking there could be node where PWR does half or less of the healing and gives all players affected 2-3 prayer of mending. It could still be 15/20 seconds.

To give a background of why I though of this idea; I I always run with prayer of mending in my dungeons and I still do 100 K HPS and I also noticed that when you use power word: radiance looks like a prayer of mending being shot out.

prayer of mending is good for damage mitigation, it’s like the equivalent of having essence devour up constantly and it also heals for usually 4-5million if you are getting all your presses in. typically you can press prayer of mending after you cast penance or power word shield. That way you don’t run into any issues of you wasting a global cool down.

But if this was possible, and you could use power word radiance; I imagine you would have at least a good amount of stocks on each player so it would be like another shield that bounces between players. I can notice when I don’t press prayer of mending as much as I should so I believe that it would be a benefit for the spec

This could replace enduring luminescence or just be an additional node. Another thing about pwr is that It over heals when you are using it to cast your penances at 6-8 stacks of weal and woe and I’m sure you will still get over healing but now you will have prayer of mendings that respond when your players take damage and your power word: shield would do the heavy lifting. I can imagine this will be a hps boost if you like to shield or using atonement.

I find that I use atonement (penance on mob/boss) mainly for AOE healing with mind blast and shadow fiend. and I use my shield and normal healing when there is only 1-2 people that need healing.

I currently run this build 30 crit 20 haste and 80 mastery and I noticed that
running a shield build in talents works that best with these numbers (this is found after running every stat build I could over a few months while gearing my toon)

let me know what you think.

Run more haste and play squid priest. Just pump to heal. PoM healing just isn’t that great outside of a raid, don’t really see how it would help that much in a 5 man. It’s 0 healing single target and does WAY less than the radiance itself, not even taking into account the healing through atonement. A single penance will do way more and a few PoM bounces. I like the idea visually, though. Always been a fan of PoM.

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Not trying to crap all over ur build but 80% mastery is insanely high for any disc priest. Most will run barely half of that and the amount of haste ur running with is a little low. Can I ask what level keys you’re completing and what ur damage looks like in fights? The problem is that Mastery is the only stat that is not boosting ur damage. Haste is making DoT tick faster as well as casting speed and penance CD (and with tierset, that’s how much ur keeping MB up and reducing the cooldown, not to mention the other interactions with smite). Crit will help keep aegis generating and help give those juicy penance casts some oomph.

The problem with PoM is that it does not interact with the kit at all. There is no HoT leftover, no spec talent that changes how it interacts, and to be honest is likely going to contribute to overhealing if ur able to keep people topped off, especially with that amount of mastery.

If ur wanting to play a PoM build, ur much better off just swapping to holy here. Disc rotation can already be clunky unless ur intimately familiar with the fights and when to start setting up. Using a GCD on a heal that really doesn’t do too much on its own aside from maybe 15k (give or take) when someone takes damage and can possibly expire if it goes onto a target who won’t be taking damage soon).

Maybe if they incorporate it into a talent with PW:R, yes, but even then it’s not really enough to try and incorporate an additional heal that doesn’t accomplish much on its own (and especially if it penalizes the healing of another of the spells that we do use).

Again, more than free to play how u want and not trying to come off as gatekeeping or anything like that.

I run PoM on bursting weeks and it does a solid 10% of my healing. I run it because i pug and it does healing in the down time when i cant dps anything.

If you’re in a group where the tank is carefully chain pulling then you constantly have tings to dps and dont need it.

Otherwise sorry i dont like your idea :slight_smile:

honestly, the problem with PoM isn’t that it does bad healing but rather that it doesn’t synergize with atonements in any way. I.e. waste of talent points