POV: You just got a plane ticket to visit anywhere in Azeroth(well in WOW) where would you go?

I’d visit the dragon isles.

northrend icc lol


Grizzly Hills or Teldrassil.

I really want to see Dalaran and Crystalsong.

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I’d refuse. That place is friggin dangerous!


Nah bc can you just imagine the citizens of Azeroth or well the people of wow they’re probably like “not this shi again”

The eternal palace :slight_smile: :lobster::lobster:

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Northrend Dalaran

Would be kinda nice to visit the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun Lai, maybe attend the Tournament of Strength; or go the Temple of Five Dawns on the Wandering Isle. It’d be like going to the Shaolin Temple, sort of.

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Un’Goro Crater

Nagrand from TBC was always my old fave. :slight_smile:


The secret island from AQ scepter quest line.

Suramar, probably.

Zangarmarsh, no question. Most beautiful zone to have ever been created.

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Stormwind City, or Lordaeron during its height under Terenas Menethil II if a Bronze dragon would alter the timeline for me.

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Wherever the most dangerous spot is so I just get killed instantly

As someone who never experienced snow in real life, id visit winterspring or any snowy place

Why? /ten1

warsong gulch

Ashenvale (pre-cata)
Nagrand (TBC)
Grizzly Hills

Deepholm - Once as a child I went to a cave with large amethyst formations. I guess this area must be that experience but several times better.

Nazjatar - I would really like to see the seabed without the pressure destroying me.