Pour one out for Sulfuras

Sulfuras was an amazing server. Amazing people, both on horde and alliance. in fact Sulf was so good that people ran away from faerlina to be here. That huge story about how the horde teamed up to stop an alliance scarab lord from turning in his quest in an hours long hostage situation, that was sulfuras. You dont know what you are talking about. Losing the health of this server is a huge shame. Its indicative of this game as a whole.


We’ll have it pretty soon, alliance keeps transferring here, at some point free transfers will be opened.

You can be active in the community, and still it’s hard to actually track “X guilds left the server today” I don’t think it’s too crazy to say that’s hard to track.

People communicate through Discord. When it has to do with transfers in or out of your own server it’s not hard to figure out for anyone who’s paying attention.


When has blizzard opened free transfers in tbc? ill wait.

Servers are in totally unhealthy states of faction imbalance and blizzard has done nothing. why do you think they will do it now? Bust out that credit card and swipe it for daddy blizzard because thats the only way you are getting your character off that server, thats how they designed it.

Blizz going to double,triple dip on xfer fees from ally xferring to Benediction, then Horde xferring off benediction to another server, then ally of that server xfers off … rinse and repeat.

Not sure what is weird about it. I know exactly what guilds recently transferred off westfall horde side. If the alliance side community on sulfurus is small, there is no way anyone interested in raiding wouldn’t know.


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That’s a funny way to spell conquer.

That still seems beyond bizarre to me, but you guys keep tabs on every player coming and going from your server, more power to you.

There are only like 500 of us and most of us were around each other for 2 years. Pretty easy to keep tabs lol.

Herod just also disappeared, by the way.

It’s not keeping tabs on every player.

When a guild decides to transfer off, there is usually a decided upon date, and people tend to talk about it. Of course, not everybody in a guild will necessarily transfer, but anecdotally, a lot of the core raiders will/do.

If this is true it just proves yet again that players are responsible for realm imbalances and are why they’ll never be balanced. “Blizzard should put in free transfers!” Pointless.

He’s right several guilds have openly transferred from Sulfuras Alliance, the GDKP community has disbanded pretty much and moved to Benediction. Before they announced their move their was a max of like 3 25 man runs published on there each week now there’s like 1-2 at best it’s really WHACK.

I honestly can’t see how it recovers from here, I love my one guild on the server but I’ve got another character on another server and a second lock here that I’m thinking of transferring somewhere else as I simply am not having a great time anymore and I play a lot more than most people in my guild I don’t just go on to raid log and there’s simply nothing to do outside of raiding. Looking for a specific heroic or normal dungeon can somethings take you like 1-3 hours, trying to find a PUG kara if you missed your guilds runs can take you a whole day if not more.

Yet I log into Whiteman and Benediction and the LFG’s blowing up like a stock broker on wall street in the 80’s pager. I really can’t see how this can or will be fixed knowing blizzards response to things and the horde don’t make it any better in all honesty complaining about the lack of BG’s and alliance players and when they see us and it’s 20/1 - 100/1 they just nuke us down ten times trying to enter a dungeon or raid which just makes people want to depart ten times quicker.

That’s not the only issue though, it’s the two combined the fact you can’t do anything open world and the fact you can’t find anything in the ‘PRIVATE’ world of dungeons or raids either which just makes playing on Sulfuras absolute shiiiii if your alliance.

Don’t expect much help from Blizz right now. They just lost their leader so they don’t know what to do. It’s a bad time for everyone except the Alliance that paid their dues to make their way to the promise land.


It’s kind of bad though transferring to Benediction, I didn’t join Sulfuras as it was alliance favored that’s for sure and that’s the issue all of the deserters are part of the problem as they create the same issues in other communities that they run to in droves. I’d much rather go to a server that the whole of Sulfuras alliance isn’t transferring to but at the same time I understand the appeal of having a busy faction pop. Going on Bene and seeing literally WAVES of LFG messages to going on Sulfuras Alliance and seeing the same dude post looking for a tank he’s been after for 3 hours is kind of lame.

Good to see Xavus of Herod posting on these forums. :heart:

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Might actually be a smart little business move.

Wait for everyone to transfer, and then finally announce they recognize the problem and merge the unbalanced servers together. Plenty of people will lament that they wasted money when they could have just waited a few months instead, but there will be nothing they can do about it except (threaten to) quit.

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